Sunday, March 15, 2015


Because this sort of thing fascinates me, here's a side-by-side look at me, Zuzu, and Coco, all at six months of age (try not to let the psychedelic wallpaper of my nursery make you dizzy):

Zuzu is the baldest! And the drooliest, bless her heart. She didn't get a tooth until she was 10 1/2 months old, but she drooled like crazy until that tooth finally pooped through. I also remember she was so funny in her six month photo session with blowing raspberries and making funny noises--it was hard to capture her regular big smile.

This side-by-side kinda weirds me out because when I look at the girls now, I think Zuzu looks more like David and Coco looks more like me. But when I look at their baby pictures, I think see lots of similarities and differences with both of them--and I don't think they look very much alike at all!

Zuzu's head is shaped more like mine, but Coco has my smile and eyebrows. The little round nose (and big ears!) look the same across the board. The shape of my eyes look more like Zuzu's here, but I'm not sure that's actually true--I just think we both squint the same eye when we smile, but the size and color of our eyes is actually different. You can't tell from the 1980s photo, but my eyes are blue (and stayed that way). Zuzu's had turned hazel by six months and are really pretty much brown now. Coco's are blue (though one eye has a small brown stripe through it!) and I think they are going to stay.

Here's a side by side of the girls at seven months:

Both adorable, but definitely not identical!

Okay, here's head-shots of all of us at seven months:

My cheeks are different from both of theirs--and Coco has the roundest face. Again, I think Coco and I smile just, but Zuzu and I both have that one squinty eye!

And just for fun/reference, here's my mom:

I just realized that when I had Coco, I was 10 YEARS OLDER than my mom was when she had me. Considering I still feel like an incompetent child myself a rather large proportion of the time, I'm not sure what she was thinking having a baby at age 24, but you know. It was a different world in the 1980s. People had babies in their early 20's. People collected spoons and put them on their walls.

Here's present day me and Zuzu. She's not smiling in many of the photos we take of her these days because she NEVER STOPS TALKING!

It's my understanding that this may be a family trait as well...


  1. Oh my goodness -- my mom had that exact spoon rack hanging in our kitchen when I was growing up! I wonder where that ever ended up?

  2. lol at the spoons on the walls because it's true! lol

    I love that sweet button nose all your daughter share. I love how much you all look alike in the first set of photos. Definitely see some David in Zuzu, but I assumed she inherited his sass (bahhaha).


  3. You should do a side by side of you and your mom! You totally look like her in that picture!

  4. It's so precious and interesting to see you all side by side. I'd say it's a good mixture of likeness and differences! All three of you are beautiful!

  5. Oh what delightfully chubby little nuggets they are! I love side by sides. Makes me wonder if biggest sister E would have had blue or brown eyes and and and.

  6. You look like your mom. And your girls are adorable. I see more of you in Coco than Zuzu, but you can tell they're both your girls.

    I always joke that George and Henry look nothing alike, yet somehow they both look EXACTLY like their father. He has some strong genes going on. No one has ever said either of the boys look like me. I mean, I'd like some credit, you know?

    They are getting so big, so fast.

  7. People collected spoons and put them on their walls. Hahahahah.