Sunday, March 8, 2015

Conversations with Zuzu, Part VI

Scene: Zuzu walks into the living room holding a box of Mickey Mouse bandaids.

Me: How did you... (It dawns on me that she climbed from her stool up onto the sink and opened the medicine cabinet to retrieve these bandaids.) Oh, Zuzu. You are something else.

Zuzu: Yes. I a stinker!

* * *

Scene: We are in the living room. Furnace kicks on.

Zuzu: I scared!

Me: what are you scared of?

Zuzu: Danger.

* * *

Scene: Living room. David has decided to give Zuzu a lecture about her behavior in the library (when she ran away from me while I was checking out our books).

David: Let's talk about the library. Where did Mama ask you to sit?

Zuzu: In the chair.

David: And then what did you do?

Zuzu: ...

David: Where did you go while Mama was checking out books?

Zuzu: I go to Bayda* and see Grammy and Bop!

*her pronunciation of my home town, Nevada (pronounced Ne-vay-duh)

* * *

Scene: David ordering sandwiches at Jimmy Johns in the drive-thru.

David: I'll have a number 10, no tomatoes, and a number 6.

Drive-thru Guy: ok. Anything else?

Zuzu: (shouting from backseat) Strawberries and 'tatoes!

* * *

Scene: Living room. The girls are playing on the floor. I'm putting up Easter decorations. I have my back to them when Coco starts crying her for-real cry. I turn around and see that she's on her back and Zuzu is hugging/squeezing her.

Me: Hey! Stop that! Coco is telling you that hurts! You have to be gentle!

Coco: Waaaaaah! Waaah!

Me: Oh, poor Coco!

Zuzu: Oh, Mama. I just hurt her with my magic! We take her to the trolls. She be okay.**

** For those of you not up to speed to Disney animated films, this is the plot of Frozen.


  1. Three things other than ADORABLE.

    1. JIMMY JOHNS HAS A DRIVE-THRU? WTF, Chicago. I've never seen one of those! I'd eat there way more if that was the case here.

    2. You are putting up Easter decor? Damn, I'm way behind. And yet, I sit here typing comments instead of hauling my ass down to the basement to get them.

    3. Benjamin has now personally requested to see Frozen. No, Costco, I will not pay $24 for that damn movie. Borrowing from a friend soon.

  2. That girl has personality for DAYS! Love it!

  3. LOL "i just hurt her with my magic" Oh Zuzu!
    also that is a familiar scene in our house. J loves to hurt E with her magical hugs. ugh!

  4. You're putting up Easter Decorations!?

  5. Oh these kiddos. I don't know what V watches/learns at daycare, but right now it is all about potions. Rocks, sticks, string, it all comes in for me to put into the potion. What is he trying to say? ~M

  6. Omg we all just LOLed at the frozen reference!!!!! Hilarous