Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Holy Moses

Tuesdays and Thursdays are our stay-at-home days this semester, but I usually send Zuzu to school on Tuesdays. This week I have a meeting and an evening event on campus on Thursday, so I kept both girls home today so they could go on Thursday instead. This meant that I had to take Zuzu with me to Coco's six month appointment, so I tried not to freak out about the germs.

As we got ready to go this morning, Zuzu was entertaining herself by carrying her purse and two lunchboxes around the house, packing and unpacking them with toys, blocks, and some random pieces of paper. She tried to insist that she needed to bring all of these accessories to the doctor appointment. I told her to choose one. After much deliberation, she selected the larger lunch box.

Zuzu was toting the lunch box, I was carrying the baby in the car seat, the diaper bag, and my purse, and we were about to head out the door when I realized that I didn't have my rings on. I knew it would drive me nuts to not be wearing them, so I dumped my bags and raced upstairs to grab them.

They weren't in their little dish on my dresser where I put them each night.

They weren't on the bathroom sink, where they sometimes get left if I'm very tired or distracted.

I'd given Coco a bath in the sink last night, but they weren't in the little dish in the kitchen, or on the counter.

Then I remembered that I'd put lotion on her in the living room, and I vaguely remembered removing my rings to do so. But they weren't on the mantle or on a bookshelf or on an end table.

I was feeling vaguely uneasy about this, but I didn't have time to look around further because we were already pushing it in terms of arriving on time for the doctor appointment, so I loaded up the girls and headed out. My hands felt naked and weird on the steering wheel, but I told myself I'd do a thorough search when we got home. I knew I'd had them on last night, so they had to be in the house somewhere.

Coco's appointment went well--she was declared perfectly healthy and was thoroughly enchanted with her own reflection in the mirror. 16 pounds, 25 inches. That means her weight has not quite doubled (she started at 8 pounds 7 ounces, though she was down to 8 pounds when we left the hospital) and she's grown almost 5 inches in six months (starting at 20 1/4"). Isn't that incredible?

Zuzu entertained herself by carrying around her lunchbox and putting stickers in it. She was chatty with the pediatrician but declined to let him help her onto a chair.

After he left, I changed Coco's diaper and Zuzu shouted, "Holy Moses!" when I pulled it off of her even though it was only wet. This has been her exclamation of choice lately, and it always makes me laugh.

The nurse came back in to give Coco her shots and while I held Coco and tried to comfort her, Zuzu proceeded to provide us with a turd that would have actually warranted an exclamation of "Holy Moses!"--a process which added a delightful aroma to the exam room.

The nurse exited quickly (who could blame her) and after I got Coco dressed, settled, and in her car seat, I turned to deal with Zuzu and her diaper situation.

As I lifted Zuzu up onto the table, I heard the lunch box rattling really loudly--like metal on metal. It occurred to me that I had no idea what toys she'd packed in there.

I popped it open to find (1) a breast pump connector and valve (2) a post-it note with notes on it for Act 3 of Hamlet and (3) MY WEDDING RINGS.

Holy Moses she had been walking around with those all morning.


  1. Holy Moses your babies are adorable! ;) See what I did there.

    I had a feeling the story was going there (with the rings in the lunch boxes. terrifying). I hate when I don't have my rings on since they are nearly 100% always on my fingers.

  2. This is all adorable. I forgot how Eleanor used to love packing a lunch box. It was always fun to see what was in there (though never my rings!). Also, I think you're going to have major trouble when Zuzu starts moving. Will they scheme together?

  3. Holy Moses are Coco's jammies adorable!

  4. Holy Moses....too funny! Thank goodness you found those rings!!!

  5. So cute! And omg about your rings, so glad you looked there!

  6. i thought you were going to say that they had somehow managed to find their way into Coco's diaper and you found them when you changed her. But your ending was still good LOL.

    1. I was skimming thru initially and thought this too! Lol!

  7. Doh! Coco, I meant when Coco starts moving

  8. Oh wow, that could have been bad! Also, Holy Moses is ADORABLE.

  9. I was thinking along the same lines as Tiffany for a second!
    And how DO you get Coco to make those faces to the camera!!?

  10. When I was around 10 my mom spent 3 days asking me and my 6 year old sister if we'd been playing with her wedding rings then accidentally set them down somewhere. We were like huh? No clue lady. Cut to laundry day when she realizes our 3 year old sister is at the 'my overalls are SOOOO awesome look at all the shit I can shove into the 12 hundred pockets' stage!
    Dang kids.