Tuesday, January 13, 2015

No, No, Coco! And Sister Fun in Pictures

It's beyond fun to see these girls start interacting. Watching Zuzu make Coco giggle makes me so happy. Zuzu's favorite new game is to lean her head down next to Coco's hand and wait for Coco to grab her hair.

Then it's my job to intervene by gasping and saying, "Oh, no-no, Coco! We don't pull Sister's hair!"

Zuzu thinks it's hysterical for Baby Coco to "get in twubble" and considering Zuzu hears the word "No!" a lot, I'm sure it's refreshing to have the reprimand spread around.

For the record, I'm actually doing pretty well with this parenting technique I read about where you try to avoid saying "No" too often. When Zuzu makes requests for things she can't have, I try to find a positive response.

She says (often) "I want to watch a show, Mama!" and I tell her, "Yes, you can watch a show when Daddy gets home." (We're still putting on Mickey Mouse Club so we can have thirty minutes of yoga.) And then we talk about what show she wants to watch when Daddy gets home and meanwhile I try to distract her by starting another activity.

The idea isn't that she never hears the word "No," but that when she hears it, she knows we are super serious. As in, "NO! You do not jump over your sister when she's lying on the floor."

This would work well if she actually cared about me being "super serious." So, yeah... Coco might have the hair-grip down, but rest assured Zuzu is still hearing "NO" far more often.


  1. LOVING the sweet sister moments!!!

  2. that last photo is too too cute.

  3. OMG- I can't pick a favorite pic! Every photo post of yours keeps my heart pumping to try for a rainbow. Such sweet sibling love! Thanks so much for sharing, Brooke. For sharing everything...

  4. These sisters are so freaking adorable together. Love them both.

    Love that Zuzu sets her sister up for trouble- #foreshadowing