Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Little Drummer Girl

Thanks for the drum set, Santa. Zuzu's mommy and daddy think that you're kind of an a-hole.

But the dancing Santa-Baby makes me laugh, so no hard feelings.


  1. So this is a toy for Grammy's house, right?

    I love cooper enjoying the warmth of the fire. He also looks a tad less forgiving than you are about the drums.

  2. A few things:

    1. Benjamin is never allowed one of these.

    2. She and Benjamin have so many similar mannerisms, it's scary!

    3. Are you weddy? is just about the cutest thing ever.

    4. Is she chanting a Native American song at the end there?

  3. Oh my. I agree, whoever bought that thing gets to keep it at their house! Zuzu is so stinking cute playing it though! And the Santa baby too. :)

  4. this is hysterical! I love Zuzu's voice. The cutest.

    And how she says colette. <3 swoon

  5. LOL I recognize both how cute that is and how amazingly horrible that would be after awhile!