Wednesday, December 24, 2014

2014 Christmas Letter

Every year I sent out snail mail Christmas cards and I always include a Christmas letter (you can read last year's letter here). I don't think many people send letters anymore--probably because Facebook means that most of us (I'm still not on FB) keep up with each other more easily than back in the old days. But I used to love reading the Christmas letters my parents got, so I'm keeping up the tradition.

Another annual tradition is that every year I realize someone got inadvertently left off the list or skipped over by mistake and I don't have enough cards. (And yes, it happened again this year, with two families, so sorry about that. Check your mailbox for Christmas 2015.)

Anyway, if I don't have your snail mail address or the letter got skipped in the assembly process (when a toddler helps, things tend to go a little haywire), you're in luck! Here's this year's Christmas letter. Super cheesy, but fun to write.

’Twas a few weeks before Christmas, and all through our house
The talk was of Santa (and also Minnie Mouse).
The stockings were hung, the tree all alight,
A candle for Eliza glowing soft and bright.
The children were nestled all snug in their beds
While visions of toys and mama-milk danced in their heads.
And I (with my laptop) and David (with his phone)
Had just settled down in our peaceful home,
When I decided to write a rhyming Christmas letter.
As a use of my time, there seemed nothing better.
This letter will take you through our family’s last year,
The laughter, the fun, the crazy, the beer.
January started 2014 with snow that never got old
For Zuzu, who didn’t seem to mind the cold.
February brought an announcement of joy
We were expecting a baby! Surprise girl? Or boy?
March was a month of travel for all:
David went to KC for beer fantasy baseball;
Brooke and Zuzu flew on a plane out west
To meet up with friends (some of the best).
We also visited Papa out on his farm
And Zuzu petted a baby goat out by the barn.
April was Easter with Grammy and Bop.
(Zuzu is kind of like the bunny that just won’t stop.)
In May we welcomed the end of school
For professors and principals, summer’s always cool.
June brought us something new—
Caroline was turning two!
She had her favorite kind of birthday bash
A party with water—a big splish-splash.
We went to Branson for Independence Day
Gma Peggy, Memaw, Pepaw, Grammy, & Bop came to play.
July marked ten years of marriage, standing side by side
(It’s obvious to all that I was a child bride).
But our anniversary travels are still on delay
Since a big baby belly was in the way!
July marked our countdown to Baby Duck #3
We couldn’t wait to find out if it was a she or a he.
August 7th brought us the results of that gender bet,
Our third beautiful girl: Baby Colette.
Zuzu adored her baby sister,
and school started for the Duckworth mister.
The missus stayed home with Zuzu and Coco.
And by September, they were on the go-go.
To the park! To the library! And Zuzu to school!
(Sometimes it was still warm enough to go to the pool.)
October had lots of fun to match:
visiting friends, trick-or-treating, and a pumpkin patch!
We had family in town to see our Little Bo Peep
And they all got to hold her sweet little sheep.
November days brought cold and early snow,
and warm afternoons cuddling Zuzu and Coco.
Thanksgiving was spent at home in St. Louis
With the girls’ grandparents traveling to us.
And now Christmas is fun is heading our way
And Zuzu’s counting down the days.
It’s always bittersweet, this month of December
We miss our Eliza, family, and friends we remember.
Our hearts go out to those missing loved ones
And we hope the days ahead are peaceful and fun ones.
Tonight we are sending you love and good wishes
And from our sweet girls, plenty of big hugs and kisses.
Caroline and Colette have made this our very best year
Full of laughter (and laundry) and lots of good beer.
We love it when Colette giggles and Caroline sings,
      (“LET IT GOOOOOO…”)
And we can’t wait to see what the New Year brings.
Now I’ll add this last note, before we turn out the lights,

Merry Christmas, Happy Everything, and to all a good night!


  1. Duh-ude.
    This is RIDICULOUS awesome. I am sincerely jealous of your skillz. Keeping it sweet, light hearted, informative and REAL. I adore it.

  2. I don't think I got the poem! Love it!!!

  3. I hate Christmas letters in general, but this one was awesome :)

  4. This is amazing. And I'll assume my copy is in the mail just like mine to yours is! :)

  5. Love it! Trust you to do something literary too. ;) I do a Christmas letter every year too. Since we don't have kids (& since my mother hasn't done cards in years), I fill people in briefly on what our parents & siblings are doing as well. Dh rolls his eyes & doesn't think anyone would be interested, but people always tell me they are looking forward to the letter, so...