Sunday, November 9, 2014

Microblog Monday: Overheard Conversation

Zuzu was playing with her dollhouse yesterday. She had two of her dolls, Davis (named after my friend Kaley's son Davis who has curly dark red hair) and Lavender (who wears a lavender dress). Zuzu made them kiss each other. (Reenactment pictured below)

"I love you!" she said, as Davis speaking to Lavender.

"Not today!" Lavender replied. 

Um, where does she get this stuff?

Microblog Mondays explained here.


  1. Adorable! Every time I wonder where my kid gets some quirky thing she said, it turns out to be from TV (oops)

  2. Lavender sounds like she's in a mood :-) Too funny.

  3. lol.

    I think someone is listening in on mom and dad's condos. ;) hahah