Monday, November 3, 2014

Microblog Monday: Curing Back Pain!

I got some good advice in the comments on my post a few weeks ago about the debilitating back pain I was having.

I also got an e-mail from my friend Lopa with some advice that I thought sounded really strange. Basically, she said that what I was experiencing is what they call "airlocking" in India and there's a way to fix it that "will sound goofy, but it works."

She said that I needed to observe which nostril I was using to breathe. By holding my palm under my nose, I could determine which nostril was expelling more air. Then I needed to hold that nostril closed and breathe in and out through the other nostril with five deep breaths.

My back pain was severe enough that I was skeptical this would work, but also willing to try anything.

And let me tell you--it didn't entirely cure the pain, but it SERIOUSLY helped.

I wrote Lopa immediatley to thank her for the advice, and she said to keep repeating it throughout the day and my pain should be totally gone in two days (it was).

It sounds crazy, but it totally worked for me!


  1. I'm not the only one also doing this now, right? ….

  2. Get the f*ck out of here with that advice!!! I have chronic, severe bouts of back pain...and you bet your ass I'm going to try this. Non stop.

  3. I'm all about trying random remedies from other cultures (just did this one, in fact!) and I'm genuinely curious - what if you have chronically blocked sinuses? Or just one side always blocked? I guess they might be where the neti pots come into play? (I love my neti pot...)

    Either way, I'm looking forward to seeing how this affects my back!