Thursday, November 20, 2014

(Christmas) Photos in Forest Park

I mentioned before that I was saving the two best photos from the park because I thought I'd use them on Christmas cards.

Well, I ended up doing something different for this year's Christmas card. I'm doing a collage of several snapshots (one from each month) instead of a posed family photo.

Let's pretend this idea was a deliberate exercise in creativity instead of a testament to the fact that the four of us have not taken a decent family photo since Colette was born (and David wanted all of us to be in the photo instead of just the girls).

All this to say, here are the two photos I thought I was saving for Christmas cards but I now will be printing and framing somewhere in my house. They pretty much capture exactly who Zuzu and Coco were in mid-October of this year.


Oh, my Zuzu. So big!
Coco has already changed so much--she's rolling over now and she really laughed out loud for the first time over the weekend.

(Not at me or David or Zuzu--no she started chuckling on Saturday night when a friend of ours tickled her tummy while speaking to her in Polish. I don't speak Polish, so I have no idea what she was saying, but Coco evidently found it very amusing. And I am totally jealous that her first giggles were for someone else, yes. But it was also adorable.)

OMG she just giggled for me when I did "ugga-mugga" from Daniel Tiger (rubbing my nose on her nose while saying "ugga-mugga"). It was the cutest. I should make everyone those musical cards except instead of Christmas carols, they would play baby Coco giggles when you opened it up. Best card ever.

With snow still on the ground and sleet in the forecast, it feels like Christmas is coming up fast. I'm trying to get my shopping and cards done before Thanksgiving if possible since I'm typically not very productive in December (grief makes me lethargic and also not very jolly, go figure).

These girls, though, they are a good reason to smile.

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