Tuesday, September 23, 2014

My Back Hurts and Other Thoughts

I freaking love you guys and your confessions.

In regard to the creative and intriguing title of this post, I am currently experiencing a new and incredibly uncomfortable level of back pain. It happened ALL OF A SUDDEN when I was doing laundry. I bent forward and WHAM! I gasped and would have collapsed to the ground dramatically except that would have hurt more than standing up straight. Now bending forward, bending to sit, and pretty much any movement involving bending and/or my lower back is excruciating. Twisting is fine. Lying flat is fine. How does this happen? It makes me feel very old.

I can remember my mom having ALL OF A SUDDEN back pain and lying on our family room floor doing that sort of hysterical laugh you do when it hurts really bad but it's also funny that you can't get up and my brother and I were also laughing except now I get that it's NOT THAT FUNNY.

Also David's grandma is still here so I feel compelled to act as though I am a much better housekeeper than I actually am and now it hurts to do the laundry.

Have I mentioned that Coco is a spitty baby? So I am doing laundry like nobody's business.

Sometimes I find myself jokingly keeping score with the girls:

Zuzu never spit up: one point

Coco did not run away and climb the steps on the employees-only ladder things at Home Depot: one point

Zuzu can be reasoned with most of the time when she's fussy: one point

Coco doesn't rifle through my purse when I'm not paying attention and then run to me with things she's not supposed to have (pens, mostly) and hand them to me saying, "Thank you, Mama," as though I asked her to retrieve them for me when she knows good and well that she's not supposed to get in my purse (she's pretty good with please, but the thank you / you're welcome thing continues to confuse): one point

Anyway, they are pretty much dead even. Equally challenging but in totally different ways! Although they both get cranky when they are hungry.

This morning I went to the dentist after dropping Zuzu at school and left Coco with David's grandma. Eek! It was only an hour and a half total but it felt like a long time.

She was fine.

And I was cavity free again! #34yearsandcounting #shamelessbragging #sonicareshouldsponsormylife

(I think maybe we as a global society are getting to the backlash where hastags are becoming uncool, but I'm obviously not there yet.)

This back pain may be making me a little punchy.

I took three ibuprofen, but maybe I need to see a chiropractor? I've never been to a chiropractor. But I've kind of always wanted to go. It seems like a very adult thing to do. No? Anyone have any local recommendations?

I ordered the girls matching personalized pumpkin shirts from Etsy but I think I ordered Coco's a size too big. Dangit. Oh well. I'll just roll up the sleeves and stuff the onesie into a pair of jeggings and it will be fine, right?

Remember when I hit the resale lottery and found a little pair of capris that matched a hat we'd been handed down (scroll to the bottom and see them pictured here)?

(And if you don't remember, perhaps you should be reading this blog a little more closely and committing more of the minutiae of my life to your long-term memory. Because I really think I blogged about it, but maybe I only intended to?)

Well, I hit the lottery AGAIN when I found a little dress in size 3-6 months that matches a dress I'd already resale-purchased for Zuzu a couple months ago in size 2-3 years! I was so excited, and I know that Zuzu will be psyched to dress the same as her sister, which is adorable.

Yesterday Zuzu did the Daniel Tiger "ugga-mugga" nose rub thing on Coco and my heart exploded. (For those of you not familiar with Daniel Tiger on PBS, the Tiger family says "I love you" by rubbing noses and saying "ugga-mugga." Daniel also rubs his nose on the camera to tell his "neighbors" (the PBS viewers who are hypnotized by him) that he loves them.

I was getting worried about Zuzu not loving books because it seemed like every time I'd suggest we read books before bed, she would say no. (Except toddler-style, so it was way louder than that.) But then I realized that she was saying no to bedtime, not book-time. So I'm trying to do lots of book reading that is not associated with bedtime, and it's totally working. She loves books again.

HOWEVER, I'm kind of worried about her basic understanding of plot because we have this cute little book called Duck and Goose Find a Pumpkin. In the book (PLOT SPOILER) Duck and Goose want to find a pumpkin but they don't know where to look. So they keep asking each other things like, "Is it in the log, Duck?" "No!" "Is it on the tree stump, Goose?" "No!" until their friend Thistle suggests they check out the pumpkin patch.

Anyway, we've read this book a zillion times, but Zuzu answers every question with an emphatic, "YES!"

"Is it under the water, Goose?"

"YES!" Zuzu cries.

No, dude. The pumpkin is NOT under the water. How do you not know this by now?

Or maybe she thinks she's tricking them and it's funny?

Who can know the mind of a two-year-old?

Speaking of her beautiful mind, she may or may not have an imaginary friend named Sofa or Sofie. All we know about her is that she is a "big kid," she has a "nose," her car is "brown," and she's coming over to Zuzu's house to see her. She told us this VERY SERIOUSLY at dinner last night.

Okay. I have an episode of Parenthood calling my name. More thoughts on sugar, baptism, and Halloween costumes to come later


  1. I have a Sonicare and #ihateyou because it does not prevent me from getting cavities.

    B also uses "thank you" when he gives me things... and most of the time it's also things he isn't supposed to have or things that annoy me because then I have to go put the thing he got out back.

    I had an insane amount of back pain while pregnant with Benjamin. Same thing. I bent over and SNAP. I was at the chiro multiple times and laying down because moving made me want to nearly collapse in pain. And then a couple weeks later, it was gone. Weird. Those were the only two times I had ever been to a chiro. And did I mention we were out of town? And had no idea if it was covered under insurance and didn't care? I would've probably thrown down serious dough.

    Similar to Zu's interest to play mind games with you about that pumpkin and goose story, I asked B what the color of some Mr. Potato Head shoes were yesterday and he emphatically announced (with dramatic pause), ORANGE. They were blue. I said they were not orange and he listed off every other color except blue. I then asked him, "Are you messing with me?" He replied, "Teasing." Same drama mama over here.

  2. Your kids are adorable!

    Long-time back sufferer here (since i was 18, with 2 herniated discs, genes-be-damned!) so I deeply sympathize. IB-profen helps for a while, but after a couple days it wrecks havoc on my digestive system (severe constipation) so I try to avoid it. Here are some of the things that have been life-savers for me:
    -- A topical cream, deep-rubbed into my back. Ib-profen gel is fine, but I really prefer Voltaren gel. Not sure if this is over-the-counter or not in the US though.
    -- Hot showers! I know it's hard when you have a baby attached to your bood all day long, but if you can take 2-3 a day, they do wonders!
    -- Speaking of nursing babies, sitting on that couch, chair, whatever, while nursing is no good for your back. My babies had to quickly get used to nursing while lying down next to me. And while doing so, I had to make sure that I didn't arch my back while the boob was in their mouth. Hips and knees had to be flexed.
    -- Massaging. Hubby, bless his heart, is eager, but is not rough enough or deep enough -- with the massaging; what? What did you think I was talking about? -- so I have gotten myself one of those vibrating electrical massagers. The big ones (This is still my back we are talking about, ok?)
    -- Exercise. I know, I know, because you have so much free time on your hands! But honestly, it really does help. And the research shows that the "rest" advice that so many people wtih back problems were given in the past, actually exacerbates the problem. I itially, walking, or any kind of movement will help as it will prevent your mucsles from stiffening up and staying in a spasm. But in the long term, some core (abs and back) exercises really help. The other thing that really helps is squats -- as they both strenthen your core and your legs -- so you tend to use your legs more (rather than your back) when lifting things.
    -- Finally, if this becomes a recurring problem (and I sincerely hope it doesn't!) you might want to invest in a memory-foam matteess. I, and everyone i know who has purchased a tempurpedic-style mattress are pretty much 'cured' -- it's pretty amazing. Now, I know they can be prohibitevly expensive. But you can build your own for a fraction of the price -- just google "cheaper-pedic" for instructions.

    Not sure if any of this is useful for your case, but I do hope you feel better soon!

  3. I went to a chiro a few times in Texas. Wasn't covered by insurance but wasn't horribly expensive either. I was just going for adjustments though and not back pain. Have you tried a heating pad? Super cheap and seem to help miles when his back is bothering him.

    I'm going to assume your parents have good teeth as well and it's a genetic thing for you (in addition to taking care of your teeth) because I floss, brush twice, do oil pulling, swish ACT, etcetera and still have shit teeth. Sigh.

  4. Oh the joys of back pain. I get that way a couple of times a year, literally I can be sitting in a chair and get up and OUCH that's it for like a week. If it's too bad to wait out, I end up going to the doctor for a round of muscle relaxors or steroids or both. I hope yours improves soon!

    I love that I know the Daniel Tiger references, lol, it's like a mommy language!

  5. I vote for a visit to an osteopath first. Such a help to me and my husband also had great success. He spent years with chiropractors and physiotherapists and an osteopath did much much more for his back in only a few visits. It was also an osteopath who discovered that it was they way my niece's ankle moved that was causing her knee pain. Something two doctors and a physiotherapist missed. I love how it's natural, gentle and they take into consideration how the body works as a whole - my niece's condition being the perfect example of that.

    Also, as a children's librarian, I agree - a child's "wrong" interpretations of books can drive you absolutely crazy. They're usually just being silly or imagining new scenarios though. Zuzu is super young - if she's engaged in the book and excited, you're good. But you know that already. :)

  6. M's been to a chiropractor nearby - I'd ask him for a reference.

    Moderate exercise would likely help. (I know, hard to do.)

    I can appreciate the "points" game. It's pretty funny, if only in your head.

    My teeth, like my feet suck. So I'm now questioning our friendship, since you have such perfect teeth and feet. No fair.

  7. you are hilarious!

    sonicare - yaaasss!!!

    hashtags - yaaassss!!

    i also had bad backpain. so bad that i thought my uterus was falling out of my body and made an appt with the doc. only to be told that my uterus was in place, and i think the nurse judged me a little. but whatevs.

  8. I have a college friend that (last I knew) was a chiro in the St Louis area...I can email him to find out for sure. He's a great guy and a baby loss dad. Sometimes this great big world feels pretty small! I hope your back is feeling better.

  9. Your post is very amusing. I'm just glad that you're still able to treat life's quirks with jest, despite the real and gnawing kind of pain you are experiencing. It would really be the best for you to consult a specialist for your back pain, so that in can be resolved in no time. I just hope that you've seen one by this time. Anyway, thanks for sharing such a great read, Brooke! I wish you all the best!

    Jacqueline Hodges @ Dr. Koziol