Monday, September 29, 2014

#MicroblogMondays: Homecoming

(I'm trying this #MicroblogMondays thing--keeping it short and sweet is my challenge!)

We were at my parents' for the weekend and went to the Homecoming football game. We met up with my BFF and her daughter.

front row: Zuzu and Ellie Kate
photobombing by Monica (center) and her sister Emmaly
Monica is one day short of exactly six months older than me (January 29 and July 28), and Ellie Kate is six months to the day older than Zuzu (December 29 and June 29).

It was kind of surreal to be at the football game with my kid(s!). It doesn't seem like that long ago I was painting my fingernails crimson with silver tiger paw prints and meeting up with Monica to sit in the students' section. This time, I was nursing a baby during the second quarter and some of the people who were just a couple years ahead of us in high school were watching their kids on the football team(!). We've got a few years to go, but our girls totally look like they have dance team potential, no?

The girls enjoyed themselves hugely, and although we left right after the halftime show, Nevada ended up winning the game. Go Tigers!


  1. Oh, Zuzu, those piggies are too much!

  2. Beautiful memories! Looks like everyone had a great time.

  3. Isn't it crazy to think about how it has come full circle and returned to an old space with your own kids?

  4. I keep coming back to this post just to see Zuzu's expression in that picture. Something about it… Just love that girl!! (And so does Catherine. She still very often asks to watch Zuzu in some video or another)

  5. I like the idea of microblogging. I think my posts always have about 738 words too many.

    I need to learn to micro-comment as well. I have such limited time these days to read my fav blogs, and less time to comment. Imagine this as a collective comment for the past few weeks. I appreciate your words, few and many.