Friday, August 22, 2014

Quick Update

Thanks so much for the comments on my last post. The follow-up heel stick at Children's Hospital went much better. Coco still cried, but it took half as long, and our nurse was very kind and competent.

I nursed her right before we went in, and held her little foot in my hand the whole time and the nurse commented on how warm her foot was--so I do think that advice helped!

Unfortunately, we don't get the results until next week, so I'm mostly trying to not think about it.

It's crazy, isn't it, how all the really important things in life are completely out of our control?

The thing that kills me is the part I maybe COULD have controlled.

In fact, as Mama Bear noted, the PKU/newborn screening IS done by smearing blood from the heel on a piece of paper with five little circles. I had this vague idea in my head (hence my mention of "litmus paper" in the previous post) but I'm really mad at myself for NOT realizing that there should have never been a vial involved. I feel like I should have researched it and known what I was getting into so I could have spoken up. Total parenting fail.

Anyway, now we just wait for results (next week!) and try to keep in mind that her doctor isn't worried and everything is likely to be fine.

It's not always easy to be optimistic when we are well-versed in the highly-unlikely most-opposite-of-fine version of events, but so far we are busy and healthy and happy and I just want to keep it that way.

Coco poses as she sleeps

Zuzu poses with her hat.


  1. No no no, in no way your fault. I even second guessed myself and wondered if follow up pkus needed something different. Medical staff made the mistake. I'm glad less traumatic this time. Positive thoughts to stay busy until normal results come back!

  2. You make beautiful babies. Glad it was less stressful this time. Here's hoping everything comes back clear (which I'm sure it will).

  3. Not a mommy fail! You were focused on your child, the medical personnel are paid to know what they are doing! Glad it's over and praying for good and speedy results! Love the pics, beautiful girls!