Sunday, August 31, 2014

Conversations with Zuzu, Part II

Scene: In the hospital, day 2 of our stay after Coco was born. Zuzu climbs up on the bed with me to see the baby, wants to kiss her, is generally sweet and delightful. We are talking to her about how Coco is her sister and how great it is to have a little sister and then Zuzu turns to me and fixes her eyes on mine.

Zuzu: Where Coco's mama?

Me: Uh, right here. I'm Coco's mama.

Zuzu: Where Coco's mama?

Me: I'm your mama AND Coco's mama.

Zuzu: (silence)

* * *

Scene: In the car, on the way home from daycare. Talking about how Daddy will be home soon and then she can splish splash.

Me: Who loves you, Zuzu?

Zuzu: David.

Me: You mean Daddy?

Zuzu: (sighs) Yeah.

* * *

Scene: At the dinner table. My parents are still here. Coco has had her "mommy-milk" and is snoozing while we eat dinner. Zuzu has her sippy cup of cow milk with dinner.

Zuzu: (chugs milk, sets down her cup) This is Mommy-milk!

Me: Oh really?

Zuzu: (takes another swig) This is Grammy-milk!

* * *

Scene: TV room. Zuzu is hanging upside down off the ottoman.

Zuzu: Look, Mommy! I backwards!

* * *

Scene: Living room. Zuzu is coloring in new Hello, Kitty coloring book. She picks up two crayons, holding one in each hand.

Zuzu: (clicking crayons together) Cheers! Cheers!

* * *

Scene: Living room. Coco is nursing. Zuzu is entertaining herself building a "tent" of blankets. It's about 9 in the morning and David is at work.

from outside: (sound of a lawnmower)

Zuzu: (jumps up in excitement) I hear my daddy outside!

* * *

Scene: In the TV room. We are hanging out after dinner.

Zuzu: (picks up empty beer glass) This Daddy's bee-ah?

Me: Yes--that was Daddy's beer.

Zuzu: I yove bee-ah.

Me: Honey, you cannot go around saying that!

(Please note: She has NEVER HAD beer and therefore is unable to have an opinion about it.)


  1. I love these. Finn has called daddy Miles a couple times. Cracks me up.

    I can just picture her sweet little face as she sits in stunned silence, digesting the fact that you are also Coco's mom

  2. Impossible that you can be this girl's mama when you're MY mama.

    Toddlers... always about them. :)

    I was upstairs trying to feed C and get her down for a nap and Benjamin strolls in to be annoying and bothersome because he knows I don't want him to... so I yelled "HUSBAND" assuming my husband would come to the rescue. Wrong. He was outside sitting on the chaise lounge chair! Benjamin yells, "HUSBAND" and then switched over to "HONEY, HONEY!" which embarrassed me because, um, DO I SAY THAT????

  3. Kids are hilarious! How can you be her mama too???? Lol!

  4. My niece and nephew argued with their grandmother that their dad, Chris, could not be her son as well as their dad. They also had a problem with her being Grammy and Mom at the same time.

  5. Ahhh she is so cute! This makes me excited for when my kiddos really start talking.

  6. This stage is my absolute favorite, the little voice, the precocious things they say, I just can't get enough! You could write nothing but this and I would read it gladly!

  7. hahah these crack me up.

    Grammy milk and Coco's mom especially. ha!

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