Monday, July 28, 2014

Still Pregnant

I'm still pregnant. My anxiety is getting more intense as my due date approaches. A few mild contractions here and there. Honestly, I'm ready for Rerun to get this show on the road. I'd love it for this baby to decide to come in July instead of August. Anytime now, Rerun! Anytime.

My parents have been in town this weekend, hanging out with Zuzu so David and I could go to a wedding Saturday night and go out to dinner tonight. I did some dancing at the wedding, thinking I just might shimmy this baby out. Evidently the baby did not get the memo.

It's been nice having my mom and dad here, although Zuzu has totally dropped Mama for Grammy and Bop. I am like persona non grata around here. Even this morning, when I lugged her upstairs for a poopie diaper change, she started yelling, "No, Mama! Gammy's turn!" (She's very insistent about knowing whose turn it is to do various things--mostly it's always her turn. She has also just started saying "Gammy" instead of "Mammy," but it looks like "Bop" in lieu of "Gramps" is here to stay.). I was like, "Well, I wish it were Grammy's turn because this diaper is making me want to hurl, but I'm going to go ahead and finish this up and maybe you could thank me for wiping your stinky bum, how about that?" The only time I get sweet hugs and kisses from her is when she's telling me bye-bye so she can go somewhere fun with Grammy and Bop.

My daughter is a pooping marvel who has only skipped one day in the nearly-twenty-five-months of her life and has yet to put any of it in the potty. She DID pee in the potty yesterday, and we celebrated that pretty huge (seriously, the pee in the potty got WAY more celebration than our anniversary did--I didn't even blog about it. #lame)

I now require a daily nap.

I have a new favorite nail polish color. It's Essie's Bikini so Teeny. It's the perfect shade of light blue that tends toward lavender instead of green.

We went to the Botanical Gardens this morning and I got a lot of sympathetic smiles from women, whom I'm assuming were either pregnant at the end of July or have two kids 25-months apart or closer together. (Sidenote: I have gotten really lucky on weather this month. Saturday was a hot day, but the weather has been amazing for Missouri in July. Today at the gardens it was 75 degrees and breezy.) Interestingly, the comments about having twins and whatnot have stopped. Perhaps this is because, as David said last night when looking at pictures from April, "You really look just as big now as you did at Easter."

I see my doctor tomorrow and have another NST monitoring appt. I'm ready for it. My fluid level has continued to be high and I need some hand-holding to get me through. (Or Rerun could just hurry up and get this party started, right?)

You know what's brilliant? Shopping at Target online and then picking it up in store. Don't get me wrong: Target can totally be my happy place when I have time to go (preferably alone) and get a chai tea latte and wander and browse and spend money on things that weren't on my list. But when walking makes me tired and I don't feel like I have extra money and I only need un-fun things like toilet paper and cleaning supplies? I WILL pay for that online and pick it up at customer service, thankyouverymuch. (Notice they are offering $10 off $50 this week for in-store pickups. You'd better believe I was all over that.)

Last thing for today: any guesses on Rerun's gender?

Here are some observations:

* At first I thought it had to be another girl because I could only imagine having girls.

* Lately, I've been leaning toward boy. Maybe because this baby feels bigger? (although Zuzu was 8 pounds, so I hope not too much bigger!)

* The Chinese Gender Predictor calendar says Girl (and was correct for Eliza and Zuzu).

* My mom says that statistically after you have two girls, you're more likely to have another girl than to have a boy. This was true for my dad's mom's family--she was the oldest, then had two sisters, then a brother. My mom's mom's family was the exception to that rule, as my grandma was the oldest, then her sister Jean, then a brother, then two more sisters.

* David thinks boy.

We really don't have a preference this time around, but the six huge bins of baby clothes in my basement say that our bank account would benefit from us having a girl.


  1. How did you feel during the early months of this pregnancy? I had girl, girl, boy, and the early months with the boy were different. I was less nauseated but had constant headaches, which is really strange for me. I felt pretty sure even before we found out that it was a boy, and Greg was shocked. There are a lot of women in his family, and he apparently didn't think he had any good Y chromosomes.

    Hoping that Rerun comes soon!

  2. I have to admit, I've been stalking your page, waiting for an update. Did you have cold feet (like ice cold, and not just b/c I live in the tundra) at anytime during the pregnancy? I've had 3 boys and that was the common thread amongst my pregnancies.

    Hang in there - you can do it!

  3. Have you checked out There's a forum for ultrasound prediction based on the nub in your 12/13 week ultrasound. It's fun and pretty accurate if the nub is captured well and the baby is measuring close to 13 weeks.

    Good luck! The last few weeks are the hardest!

  4. love David "keeping it real". hoping that Rerun comes soon, so that you can shower him/her with love. and because i want to see pics ;)

    and what is it with toddler's making sure everyone knows whose turn it is to do things. it always seems to be J's turn at our house.

  5. @Sarah--That's interesting! I can't say that this pregnancy felt different in the beginning. Except that guacamole made me barf. Mild nausea, especially in the evenings, mostly being really tired. I didn't have super strong cravings in the first trimester like I did with Zuzu, when all I wanted to eat were apples (in any form), but I didn't have strong cravings with Eliza, either. At least not until the end, when all three pregnancies have found me wanting to stuff my face with donuts.

    @Monique--Cold feet have never been a pregnancy symptom for me! I tend to run cold when I'm not pregnant, but gestating a fetus seems to warm me right up. Pregnancy symptoms are the weirdest, though. I was thinking maybe since this baby was breech for so long that it was a boy? Not sure that makes any kind of logical sense, but it's the one big difference from my first two pregnancies.

  6. I hope it's a boy... only because I love your daughters' names and want to know what you'd pick for a son. Then again, I suppose you could just share what baby's name would have been if she'd been a boy. On that note, I hope you share the girl name if it ends up being a boy. Can you tell I am in a baby naming war at the moment?!? :)

    My official guess is boy.

  7. No guesses here but I've been thinking about you! This last part is so agonizing! Hope he or she gets things moving soon so you can start enjoying him or her here in person! I had babies 23 months apart and while looking back it was pretty crazy, it didn't feel that way at the time. And now they're great friends!

  8. Your nail polish color made me laugh. "Bikini So Teeny". In the final stages of my pregnancies I always had these dreams where I was fabulously fit and smokin' hot (and usually wearing next to nothing). Perhaps there's a subliminal connection to the nail polish name - your inner self is ready to be sporting something other than maternity wear very soon.

    I thought boy initially, but I'm calling girl now. Go with what you know. I grew up in a house of girls and only had girls. They are what I know.

  9. I'm going to vote BOY! Hope he chooses to arrive soon...

  10. I always thought boy. When you first announced it, to right now. I've had my moments where I'm like, "she cooouuuld have a girl..." and then I go right back to, no no, it's a boy. LOL. My internal dialogue isn't supposed to creep you out!

    My mother had girl girl boy. My sister and I are 22 months apart. After having Theo, I honestly don't know what drove her and my father to that decision. Although, I believe I was a bit of a "surprise"... but anyway... my brother came 4 years after me. And since you've had all of your children so close together... you very well could be having another girl.. or a boy. I do believe it's 50/50, ha!

    Theo was breech and I had high fluids, and he flipped and flopped during the ENTIRE 3rd trimester and I straight up went grey with worry. But he got himself head down by 37 weeks, and we yanked him out at 37+5. Alexander was head down by 30-32 weeks and was never breech by any record.

    Thinking about being pregnant with Theodore in my life makes me feel like I'd die. Seriously, I'm so tired. I don't know how you ladies are doing it / did it. I hope Rerun is here soon so you can have cuddle naps with him/her while Zuzu sleeps for 3.5 hours in her crib ;)

  11. I keep on thinking you're in labour RIGHT NOW... I have a feeling the next update will be with a baby picture!


  12. I would guess but I'm always wrong so I'll just wait and see like you are.

  13. I'm going to leave the gender alone…I keep going back and forth. But I'm with Veronica. I'm feeling like you could be in labor at the very moment I'm thinking of you the last day or so.