Saturday, July 12, 2014

A Turn of Events

So... this happened.

No, not two bad hair days, although that also appears to be true. What I mean is: THE BELLY HAS SHIFTED.
left is Tuesday night. right is Saturday morning.

I don't know if it's as obvious in the picture as it is to me, but at my scan on Friday we determined that the baby had flipped head down. And sometime last night, baby seems to have gone on burrowing its way downward because I no longer have a baby in my rib cage!

(All my freaking out clearly got through to Rerun, who, so far, is demonstrating obedience and cooperation that far exceeds his/her sister Zuzu.)

So, yes. After my panicked e-mail to my doctor, the scan he ordered on Friday showed all good news--baby was head down, with the backbone ridge making my belly lumpy and the little tushie all up under my ribs. Plenty of fluid to allow for the flippage. The nurse we had was very kind; she directly addressed the fact that we'd lost our first baby, and talked us through every step of what she was doing. It was familiar because we'd done it all just two years ago with Zuzu, but I was so grateful for her patience and thoroughness.

I made David go with me because I needed the support (and I proceeded to be anxious and snippy and bite his head off on the drive there), and that meant we had to bring Zuzu because Friday's not a daycare day in the summer. I was a little nervous, but she was actually very well behaved. She sat in the recliner with me during the non-stress test and wandered around the room during the BPP scan but didn't get into any trouble. She did keep lifting up her shirt and insisting it was "MY TURN, Mama" to have an ultrasound on her tummy, but overall she was very, very good.

Sometime last night, baby must have figured out that facing down is the way to be, because when I got up this morning I felt different. Like I could breathe. Like there wasn't six pounds of baby squished up against my lungs. I actually think my belly looks smaller than it has for the past two months. It had been like a shelf sticking out, and now it's much more of a slope. This makes me happy and also makes me realize that these next few weeks are going to pass very, very quickly.


  1. That baby has dropped! Dude, I think you may have this baby sooner than you think!

  2. That is a very visible drop! So glad Rerun is listening to you and cooperating. You, by the way, look great!

  3. Yay! Also, you are so thin! I always gain at least 17 of my 35 pounds in my upper arms and calves.

  4. Whoa!! That's quite a difference!! Go Rerun!!

  5. I was just coming over to comment on the Anxiety post and saw this. Phew - so glad Rerun flipped and you look like you must be so much more some areas! Wishing you as peaceful a time as possible in the next weeks - I remember so perfectly clearly the crazy anxiety I felt in the last weeks pregnant with M, so I don't know how much peace is really possible, but I'm wishing it for you anyway.

  6. WOW I can totally see the difference! Good job Rerun!!!