Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Weekend with Uncle Buck

My brother and his girlfriend arrived on Friday. My brother's name is Brandon. His family nickname is Bubs. I call him "Uncle Bubs" when I talk about him to Zuzu. Zuzu pronounces this as "Unca Buck." I think this is awesome.

So Uncle Buck and his girlfriend, Jo, came to town. We took them to dinner downtown because they were planning to go to the City Museum after dinner. Unfortunately, we got a sudden downpour while we were in the restaurant and they decided not to go to the museum until the next day because the y wanted to be able to climb on the outdoor jungle gym. Also the restaurant we chose was more of a pub and I didn't think the food was very good.

Because the point of a pub is the pints, not the food. Obvy.
On the plus side, Zuzu was well-behaved at dinner (moderate pouring of the salt shaker onto the table notwithstanding) so maybe someday I'll convince David that we can actually go out to dinner more often than once in a blue moon.

Saturday morning we let Uncle Buck and Jo sleep in and we headed to the park for a Stroller Derby and 5K put on by Zuzu's daycare. It was hot-hot-HOT by 10:00am but I got crazy and decided to walk the Stroller Derby 1K. I was slow and had to pee desperately by the time it was over, but I made it! (I also got a nice compliment on my baby bump from an older lady who was walking in the park.)

Bonus fun for those who can imbibe: We won the raffle drawing for a 12-pack of beer and a gift certificate to a local brewery!

Buck & Jo came up to the park and met us at the Farmers Market, so we pushed around a stroller with a 12-pack of beer in the basket (#keepingitklassy) and let Zuzu splash in the splash pad and kiddie pool.

The only problem was that I'd put Zuzu's swim suit, rash guard, and swim diaper in a wet bag by the back door because I am such an Organized Mom. But I hadn't actually put that bag IN the diaper bag. David grabbed the diaper bag on his way to the car with Zuzu but left the wet bag, and I walked out of the house without noticing the wet bag had gotten left behind. So we got to the splash pad and discovered no swim suit. (Fortunately her sunscreen was in the diaper bag.)

When you've promised Zuzu the opportunity "splish-splash!" you don't let something small like the lack of a swim suit prevent you from splish splashing. So she hit the splash pad in her navy-blue shorts and STL Cardinals t-shirt (which she had worn so she and David could be Cardinal themed for the stroller derby). #keepingitklassy. I said, "Maybe she won't get that wet," just as she ran to the fountain and stood directly under the streaming water, cackling with delight. She looked like a little boy (and like a total ragamuffin) but she didn't care. An old man asked David if our "little guy" was excited about the new baby. Haha.

Our "little guy" at the park.
We didn't have dry clothes to change her back into, so once we were ready to go (and I use the word "we" to refer to David, Buck, Jo, and I, because Zuzu insisted she wanted "No bye-bye! More splish-splash!"), we rinsed her off in the outdoor shower and dressed her in a clean diaper and the Youth Size Small t-shirt she'd gotten from the stroller derby, which fit like a huge night shirt. #stillkeepingitklassy

After the park, Zuzu and I both napped and then it was time for fun on the patio! David set up the playhouse that Grammy and Bops gave her for her birthday, and put the slide they got her in her kiddie pool.

Saturday night there was a concert and food trucks in our local park (the one within walking distance from our house) so we had invited a few people over for drinks before heading up to the park. We sat around sipping limeade (for me) and sangria or beer (for everyone else) and watched Zuzu throw herself down the slide over and over again, blow bubbles, and draw with sidewalk chalk.

This slide is the BEST!

She got Uncle Buck to blow bubbles with her.

Jo brought sidewalk chalk! Awesome!
Uncle Buck is super fun!
But nothing ends a patio party like someone pooping her pants!

I had gone inside to change my clothes in preparation of going the park and when I came back out, Cooper totally called Zuzu out--in fact, Uncle Buck was actually getting onto him because Coop was sniffing and trying to lick Zuzu's butt. Gag gag gag. A quick peek confirmed that both our dog and our daughter are disgusting--one for desiring to eat feces and the other for running around with it in her swimsuit. (The dog is obviously grosser, but still.)

Zuzu had a quick bath and we headed to the park for Grub & Groove. Zuzu was blown away by a Bubble Bus that was just pouring out bubbles into the air. David walked her over to check it out while I claimed a picnic spot and everyone else scattered to find the food they wanted. He said that the grass around the bubble bus was so slippery with soap that kids were falling down--Zuzu fell on her bottom and David almost did!

Zu had her first taste of blue icy, thanks to Jo, (Zuzu loves Jo. And she was shocked by the cold at first but then loved it) and we listened to a pop music cover band that was really pretty good.

David was really psyched for the classic country cover band that was supposed to start at 8pm, but by 6:45, Buck had decided that the heavy humidity and hot temperatures were too much for him, and he and Joanna headed home to get their car and go to the City Museum. The rest of us planned to stay, hoping that the breeze would pick up.

Just about that time, the breeze did pick up, and actually got nice and cool, but it was because there were ominous clouds rolling in from the west. Just as the pop music was ending, they announced that we were under a severe thunderstorm warning and that everyone should "take precautions." So that was the end of our evening the park. Everyone scattered and we were packing up our blanket and chairs as quickly as possible to get everything back home.

I wasn't worried about getting wet--it probably would have felt good at that point, but the wind was blowing so hard that small twigs and branches were snapping from trees. On our walk back home, a twig actually blew into Zuzu's face as she rode in the stroller, and then we saw a bigger branch fall on a truck. So David ran ahead with Zuzu to get her in out of the storm and I waddled as fast as I could.

Fortunately, the lightening and thunder didn't really start until we got home, and the heavy rain held off until about 8pm, so our friends were able to make a break for home in their cars before the storm really hit.

Buck and Jo's plans to go to the museum were shot and we were all a little hungry, so instead we got take out Mexican from the restaurant on the corner and let Zuzu entertain us with her antics until it was past her bedtime.

Uncle Buck reading about Baby Jesus
The weekend ended too quickly and we had to tell Uncle Buck and Jo bye-bye as they headed home. Since then we've worked on potty training (resulting in my duvet having to be laundered and the tub having to be thoroughly cleaned), we've watched Orange is the New Black, and I've started working on the dresser makeover I have in mind for Rerun's space (stay tuned for those updates!). I've also been working on plans for our splash party this weekend (HOW is it possible that Zuzu is turning 2?).  So anyway, we're doing stuff. And having fun doing it. Summer is the best.


  1. I am so jealous of your awesome walkable neighborhood!! what a fun, fun weekend. Zuzu is adorable. And my kids have actual swimsuits for water activities about 50% of the time, so it sounds like you are way ahead of the game!

  2. Sounds like fun - Happy Birthday to Zuzu this weekend - Henry sends kisses (and has no party planned as I am so disorganized and feeling cranky and I figure he's too young to get in a snit about it so I might as well enjoy it while it lasts).

  3. The Bubble Bus! I saw it when we lived in Kirkwood during one of the parades. That thing is COOL!

  4. Looks like a great time! That splash down picture is priceless!

  5. I looooooove your community. Always seems like there's something going on to take kids to and enjoy summer (spring, fall, and winter too!!) with the family. Happy birthday Zuzu!! 2 big years and I've loved watching her grow through it all :)