Friday, June 13, 2014

Squeaky Time!

For those of you not following me on Instagram (bythebrooke88), I thought you might want to see Zuzu demonstrate exactly how the Wee Squeak shoes work:

Amazing, right?

But seriously you should have seen her face when she tried them on in the store and realized that she was making that noise every time she took a step. It was pure delight. We'll see how long the squeakers last at home--will definitely depend on how Cooper reacts to shoes that sound just like his toys.

Anyway, in case you are looking for your own pair of Wee Squeaks, they actually e-mailed me (It's a small, family-owned company and they sent me an e-mail from a real person, not a generic e-mail) to let me know that they're having a great sale this weekend--an extra 25% off clearance prices! So you can stock up on squeaky shoes for your little ones OR to purchase as a super cute and perhaps slightly passive-aggressive gift. (Tell me I'm not the only person who would totally do that.)

You know I'm not on Facebook, but the e-mail had a link to their facebook page and that's where they list the coupon code:  CLEARANCE25. It's good until Monday night at

I will say I think they run a weensy little bit small--I bought a size 6 for Zuzu and she's still wearing size 5 in most other brands (Toms and Keens).

I like this one for girls:

marked down to $12.99 plus an additional 25% off

And this one for boys:

marked down to $18.99 plus an additional 25% off

FULL DISCLOSURE:  Wee Squeaks is hooking me up with a gift card for telling you about the sale (they did not ask me to give my opinion about the shoes--you totally get that as a bonus. YOU'RE WELCOME). I am stoked about the gift card, though, considering I'm not really that kind of blogger but I'm totally the kind of sucker who would share that sort of info for free.

Here's the other thing, though, that no one is paying bribing gifting me to say. I've been super picky about shoes for Zuzu ever since I had a conversation a year ago this month with my friend Renel who's a physical therapist. She was saying that she is really particular about shoes that she buys for her kids because it's really important that kids wear shoes with flexible soles for their developing feet. Zuzu wasn't even walking at the time, but I filed that away and ever since then I've paid close attention to the soles of shoes that I'm buying. I also notice the shoes other kids wear--it's especially obvious to me when I see little girls running in stiff-soled sandals because they have to run with flat feet--they can't do the natural roll from the heel to the ball of their foot.

I'll admit this often means spending more money on shoes, and it is not always easy to shell out $30 (or more) on a pair of shoes that I know will be outgrown in just a few months. So I am always keeping my eye out for good sales. The Wee Squeak shoes met both requirements--they were a great price at the children's clothing boutique in my home town and (I'm no physical therapist) but as far as I can tell, they have a supportive but flexible sole. Noisy as hell, yes, but also flexible!

And remember--you can totally remove the squeaker.


  1. Unfortunately every clearance item is sold out in almost all sizes, even non sale items are almost completely sold out in size 6.. if she would restock I would definitely buy.

  2. How in the hell hasn't Sherwin Williams hooked you up yet seeing as how often you paint (well, re-paint) things!

    But totally cute. And a good reminder about the quality of shoes for these little feet

  3. G had some squeaker shoes bought for her at the local hardware(?!) store that she ADORED! I like to pretend the random strangers she wore them around loved them too.

    Zuzu is too cute in hers!!

  4. I just can't get over how funny Zuzu is in those shoes. Those purple ones are totally cute.

    And I agree, the paint people owe you some cash, considering how many times your living room has been painted. ;)