Tuesday, May 6, 2014

My Car Quacks and Other News

One of the toys Zuzu was given when she was born was an adorable white duck that quacks when you sit him down on his bottom. One morning she had it in her hand when we were on our way out the door, so Duckie came too. I convinced her to leave him in the car and not take him into school, so Duckie lived in the backseat for a while.

Now Duckie has migrated somewhere in the car (probably underneath a seat? possibly in the way back?). He continues to make his invisible presence known by quacking occasionally--but ONLY occasionally. A whole day will go by with no quacking and I'll forget all about him. And then the next day I'll be driving and turn a corner and it will be just enough to wake him up:  "Quack QUACK! Quack QUACK!"

I really need to locate Duckie, but I only think about it when I hear him quacking, which is always while I'm driving. I'm not exactly capable of bending over to dig around under the seats while sitting  behind the wheel, and the thought of locating Duckie completely flies out of my brain once I get focused on picking-up or dropping-off or carrying-in-all-our-crap after we get home.

So we can all expect my car will be quacking indefinitely.

* * *

My glucose test came back normal for everyone who was wondering. Normal is good. Rerun is moving and grooving in there. I'm relieved to know my sweet tooth isn't causing any issues since I like how active Rerun is after my brownie + ice cream desserts.

* * *

I burned my wrist taking brownies out of the oven. The only bandaids we have are ones I bought for Zuzu so they are brightly colored with stars, flowers, and teddy bears. I don't care, so I just slap on the bandaid, but Zuzu noticed the bandaid and is obsessed with discussing my injury. We have a lot of talks that go like this:

Zuzu: Owie! Owie, Mama. Owie.

Me: Yup. Mama has an owie. But it's okay.

Zuzu: Owie! Owie! Mama. Owie.

Me:  Mm-hmm. That's right. But it's fine. It doesn't hurt.

That's the extent of her conversational skills about it, yet she apparently enjoys having this conversation over and over and over again.

* * *

Our little hiking adventure resulted in me bringing home a parasite. I checked for ticks as I showered that afternoon, but the next morning I woke up and felt an itch on the underside of my belly (precisely where I cannot SEE due to the belly bump). I was pretty sure I felt a tick and thankfully I found it before David left for work so he was able to do the tweezer removal. We put the disgusting creature in a ziplock bag just in case I need to have lab work done, but so far the bite looks normal and I feel fine.

I just can't believe this is my SECOND tick bite this spring. Gross me out! This was a small deer tick instead of a big dog tick, which are actually MORE likely to carry disease, but I'm trying to stay off of Dr. Google and just trust that things will be fine. I know it's in my favor that it was on me less than 24 hours, but it's so soooooo nasty. And it itches.

* * *

Last day of school on Friday. Much to do this week, but my students are already checked out and I am even more checked out than they are, I think. And it's only Tuesday!


  1. LOL your car quacks....I love that, it is soo something I would do! I hope the tick worries are for nothing!

  2. I love her little conversation with you.

  3. We live on a few acres in NW Arkansas, and the ticks here have been crazy this spring. I had hoped that the harsher winter would limit their numbers a bit, but no. If I don't find at least one tick on at least one child every day, I'm convinced we missed one somewhere, and sadly, I've been right! But that usually means that they show up somewhere on me.

    I'm obsessed with bullseyes and bad headaches now, hovering over the kids and checking the bite marks. So far so good, but last night the head came off and stayed in my child's skin when we tried to remove it. We're pretty we got it out, after a lot of screaming and tears (on both my part and my child's) and I'm officially freaked out now. And ready to move.

    ...None of which is in any way helpful for you to hear.

    Mrs. Duckworth with the Quacking Car. That's beautiful, even if you kept your last name!