Thursday, May 15, 2014

Action Verbs

I saw this a while back on another blog and thought YES that is what I should do instead of grading. You're welcome.

Making : Comments on student papers. A lot of, "I see much potential here, but this essay fails to meet some important requirements."
Cooking : If by "cooking," you mean "scooping ice cream," yes. Every evening.
Drinking : Water with lemon.
Wanting: to buy a lot of cute summer clothes that wouldn't fit over my belly
Looking: very pregnant, according to everyone and their dog, who seem to think I'm inviting them to comment on my stomach just by putting it out there in the world. My neighbor actually said, "I don't know how you can get any bigger!" Yikes.
Singing: "Five Little Monkeys Jumping on the Bed." Zuzu heard this song in the car on toddler Pandora radio and demanded "More! More!" then had a meltdown because Sorry, honey, Pandora doesn't respond to your voice commands! Me singing it for her in the car was insufficient: "No, Mama! No!" But this morning she asked for monkeys so we sang it during breakfast. She joins in on the doctor chorus so she can shake her finger, "No more monkeys!" 
Sewing: An awning cover (hopefully!) for our backdoor. Details to follow. Also on the agenda... summer dresses for Zuzu and curtains for our bedroom?.
Wishing: I didn't have to teach a class this summer.
Enjoying: Feeling movement in the belly.
Waiting: For my students to finish their final exam.
Liking: Sunshine after a long winter, although this week has gotten cloudy and cool again.
Wondering: If Rerun is a boy or a girl.
Loving: My crazy husband and his insistence on landscaping our front yard. I think it's his version of nesting, and I'm going along with it even though I personally think our time, money, and energy, could be spent elsewhere (or saved!).
Hoping: That eventually I'll have time to watch the last half of this season of Scandal. I haven't seen it since March and I really miss Olivia Pope and her fabulous wardrobe. 
Marveling: At how quickly August is approaching!
Needing: A chair for my new desk in the front room. (Details to follow as I hash out some possibilities... And decide how much I'm going to let the husband weigh in... Probably not much.)
Smelling: The French toast that David made Zuzu for breakfast. It smells better than it is because it's made out of the super healthy whole wheat bread that we buy at TJ's and it just doesn't do justice to French toast.
Wearing: An outfit that coordinates with Zuzu's. I swear I don't do this on purpose, but my subconscious mind likes to pick out outfits for the two of us that coordinate. Does anyone else do this? It's not like we're matching, but I'll go with similar colors or levels of dress/casual. (Although my Toms are red and hers are pink.) 
Reading: I'm reading One Hundred and One Ways by Mako Yoshikawa, which a friend lent to me ages ago and I never managed to start until a few days ago. It's really great, but last night I decided to take a bath and I wanted to read in the tub but I think reading a borrowed hard-back book in the tub is not a good plan (even when one's enormous belly leaves plenty of dry ground on which to rest a book), so instead I grabbed a paperback copy of Divergent. The bathwater got cold and I was still reading it, so now I have two really good books fighting each other to get finished.
Noticing: All the little things I want to do around the house this summer. My list of projects grows longer!
Knowing: That summer is going to feel very short since I'm teaching a 4-week class and having a baby during it.
Thinking: About all the grading of finals that needs to be done...
Feeling: Glad that my job allows me to work from a coffee shop.
Bookmarking: Closet organization ideas. It's one of my summer projects. Reorganizing all the closets. I'm psyching myself up with cute shelf-liner paper and some other fun possibilities. Metallic gold tape? Just think!
Giggling: at Zuzu. On my way to drop her off in the morning, we pass by a school with lots of buses so we often sing "The Wheels on the Bus." Her two favorite verses are when the horn goes "beep, beep, beep" and when the babies go "wah! wah! wah!" And when she sings the baby part, she scrunches her face up like she's fake crying and it's so cute and funny to me. It never fails to make me laugh.


  1. A lot of, "I see much potential here, but this essay fails to meet some important requirements."

    Oooh, I took enough English classes as an undergrad to know that this is code for "Where the hell is your thesis statement?" :)

  2. I accidentally match one of the kids far too often. Even my yoga pants and workout top somewhat match Finn today!

  3. Crap. When I read the part about not reading a borrowed book in the tub, I remembered that it's also not a good idea to take a borrowed book on a rainy weekend camping trip.

    I've got a book Caroline will love - I'll try to remember it tomorrow.

  4. I commented on this from my phone and blogger totally ate it!

    But I match/coordinate with Theo all the time. If it's not done on purpose, it's accidental. But we always match! Oddly enough, today, we did not.