Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Zuzu and Mommy Weekend

Zuzu and I just returned from a long weekend with friends in Las Vegas and I'll have lots more to say about that (or just adorable photos to post) but I just had to do a quick post to remember how amazing the weekend with Zuzu was.

I have to admit, I was nervous about traveling on my own with her. David and I make a pretty great parenting tag team, by which I mean that when I am overwhelmed and losing my patience with her, I just tag him in and take a break from the whining.

This weekend, though, she was amazingly cooperative. She sat quietly in the stroller as we went through the airport. She waved and smiled at strangers and airline employees. She charmed the people we sat next to on the airplane. She looked out the window at the trucks and airplanes and then promptly fell asleep as soon as the plane took off.

We shared a house with 8 other moms and babies ranging in age from 6 months to two and a half years. Not only did Zuzu share her toys and gently hug her friends without prompting, she also ate  vegetables with every meal, said "please" and "thank you," and went down for naps and bedtime with virtually no fussing.  There was no biting, hitting, pushing, or toy-stealing all weekend long. It was the easiest, most restful weekend of solo-parenting that I could imagine.


APRIL FOOL'S!!!! (You saw that coming, right?)

So, the long weekend was true and the trip was honestly wonderful (and she did eventually fall asleep on the airplane). Solo-parenting her actually wasn't as hard as I feared, thanks to the help from my eight fabulous friends. Zuzu's behavior, on the other hand, was more along the lines of Typical Toddler With Assertive Personality and a Fondness for the Word "MINE!" We still had a great time though, battles over a certain pink doll stroller notwithstanding, and I hope that Zuzu didn't come across as too big of a pill (at least not so big she couldn't be taken with a spoonful of ice cream or applesauce).

More updates to follow when I dig my way out from under these piles of laundry.


  1. Aw lol you had me going for a second! Glad you had a good trip anyway!

  2. Almost fooled... but I have a 2-year old and instead would've just sent you hate mail. ;)

    I totally tag Elliot in when I've had enough, too. We're an awesome tag team together and I wouldn't want to be a parent (no, I'm serious) without him. Someone to share the fun and someone to take over when the goings get tough.

  3. I had never read the spoonful post. That is the funniest thing I've read in ages.

  4. Omg I was about to kill you. My 2 year old would never have behaved as you were writing. If Zuzu does end up like that please don't brag about it, mmkay? :)

    And that suppository post may be my favorite ever!

  5. Lol. we love you and all of your babies! Hope you stay healthy!

  6. Yeah, if that were true we'd have to start hating you just a little. Glad the trip went okay - I just managed both boys solo on a 3 hour flight from my home town to Palm Springs. We made it home in one piece and I was never so glad to see my husband.

    Beautiful pic!