Monday, April 28, 2014

Strolling x 2?

I had this whole post written about my wishlist of stuff I think I want for Rerun, which really is only three things long, but I had a lot to say about each of those three things, and then I guess my internet connection got funky and blogger ate it and you know I'll never be able to recreate the genius thought and elegant prose that comprised that blog post, so let's just abbreviate here and talk about strollers.

Who thinks I need a double stroller? My (original) plan (way back in 2010 when I was young and unafraid and dreams were made and used and wasted--just call me Fantine but hopefully I don't have to sell my molars) was to invest in our Phil & Ted stroller and then two and a half or three years later, we'd buy the attachment seat for the Phil & Ted stroller.

Now they don't even make the version of the P&T stroller we bought and finding the attachment seat is also not easy--eBay is basically my only option, and I've only found the seat is sold with the stroller.  So... what's a girl to do?

Originally, I really liked the idea of having a double stroller that didn't take up more room than a single jogger. BUT I also expected the Baby Ducks to be three years apart, which would mean that we probably wouldn't use a double stroller for very long.

As it is, Zuzu likes to do her share of walking when we go to the neighborhood park, but we use the stroller quite often for longer jaunts away home--to Forest Park, the zoo, the Botanical Gardens, etc. So I think that a double stroller would still be a good investment, especially since the Baby Ducks will be just twenty-five months apart.

So my question is, do I want a side-by-side stroller or a single with the rumble seat attachment? And/or do I want the running board attachment where the older kiddo can stand behind the stroller? (I saw a mom walking with this at the airport and she looked totally awkward).

I am unexpectedly leaning toward the side-by-side seats even though they seem HUGE and I swore I'd never want one. I just feel like the ease of getting the kids in would be simpler and I kind of like the idea of my super well-behaved children sitting side by side and holding hands and sharing snacks and whatnot. (Do not ruin this dream for me! I am CONVINCED this is exactly how it will be all the time. You know, when they aren't BITING each other.) But seriously. The side-by-side feels less complicated and more equitable, as long as it's not too horribly huge.

So if I go with the side-by-side... I'm liking the Baby Jogger City Mini. But I know a lot of people who are really happy with the BOB. Thoughts on this, Interwebz? I'm not a serious runner, but we do a lot of walking around the city so I know I want a jogger. I just want it to not be enormous.

Or should I stick with my somewhat original plan and figure out how to make the P&T work (even though it will basically mean buying another stroller and then keeping the seat and selling the stroller as a single)?

I do like the flexibility of using our P&T as a single stroller when I just have one kiddo with me, so we'll be keeping it even if we get a double stroller. I'm just really not sure what I want! So please feel free to confuse me more. I'll take other suggestions as well (Is Bumbleride really the best? I love our Bumbleride umbrella stroller but haven't tried their joggers and they are pretty spendy).

Other things I think we might need... a video monitor. And...? That's probably it. I mean, I have a longer wishlist, but let's just settle the stroller issue for now, shall we?

Oh, and P.S. I have plenty of time because I won't be buying any double strollers until Rerun is actually here, but of course I'd rather shop online for double strollers than do something that actually needs to be done (grading? what grading?).


  1. No idea on the stroller thing, but I was just thinking tonight (as I was listening to Asher making noises from his crib that sounded like Baby Animal from the Muppet Babies) that if we get a "next time", I'm totally investing in a video monitor. There's nothing worse than trying to sneak a peek in his room and having him cackle at me from behind bars.

  2. I think you would be ok with an Ergo or a Moby and a single. But I do love my double BOB ironman,

    IDK if you are a bay-wearer, but it is really really handy to have a hands-free option when you have multiple kids.

  3. Wait, say what?! You don't have a video monitor?! How do you function????? Omg, so much to say on that front. I shall email you.

    Stroller: as you know I'm beyond obsessed w my Bumbleride indie but it's a single and I have no experience with the double. My sister has one but I've only seen it in pics. I def think you will want a side by side (but as you know I have zero experience w doubles, so in guessing/assuming) since they will be so close in age. And I think you will also want to have a single at times. In my opinion, the double bob is too huge and more for exercising. But the city mini has the smallish wheels that don't do uneven terrain well. Lol i know this doesn't help. ;)

  4. YES to the City Mini double! I want one!

    I do like still using my b-ready as a single-potentially double- for out and about though on my own. I like setting stuff on the bottom seat, and I also like having the second seat because it's a good threat "stay by me or you go in the stroller". A side by side is much better for like the zoo, but not as much for like the mall...

    My vote is get a second seat AND the city mini. (Would David go for that? You could probably find both used!) Having a second seat will increase your resell value and make your single stroller more convenient, but personally I wish I had a side by side right now because Luke is really too big to fit in the bottom these days and does sometimes need to sit at the zoo or whatever. I know some stroller swapping websites that might be able to help you find a used second seat and/or City Mini.

  5. No to the BOB unless you plan to train for a marathon or something. Way too big. The City should be fine for light jogging, but you aren't supposed to jog with babies until they are like 6+ months anyway (even in a BOB) b/c it can cause head injuries.

    I have a video monitor still in the box you can borrow until whenever. We got it as a gift with Luke but our house is really not big enough to need it, I can see the crib from our room across the hall. We might need it back if we ever have another and move houses but that's at least 1.5 yrs away b/c I like to keep them next to me awhile.

  6. I do not know how any parent functions without a video monitor. That is my #1 recommendation. #2 is clouds & stars crib sheets, they are a must!

  7. I did lots of researching on this very topic. My conclusion was that there isn't a double buggy out there that isn't massive and bulky. I don't like the tandems where one child is so close to the ground so I went for a side by side.

    I just bought the Bugaboo Donkey. I like it because it's not any wider than the city mini- I swear, I made the guy measure it, but it seems roomier. And it comes in some super cute colors which is nice.

    It easily converts from double to single so you can use it as a single when you only have one kiddo with you. We have been using it for about a week and Frostina seems to like it.

    Hope this helps, good luck.

  8. I don't have personal experience with this but I have a good friend here in TO who does. She shelled out for the double BOB (her girls are two years apart) and she has HATED it and never uses it. She says it is way too big to get anywhere (mind you, we are in a big crowded city) and she also said it was hard to steer because the weights are so wonky -- one side of the stroller is always way heavier than the other side so it kind of veers. She did babywear for as long as possible and ended up using the single most of the time just because it was easier. And then my the time the little one was too heavy to wear all the time the older one didn't want to be in the stroller ever, so her fancy double stroller wasn't very useful at all.

    Some kids just don't dig the stroller for very long. Laren was out of it not long after she turned two. She would only ever want to push it herself which was more cumbersome than just letting her walk. Ewan, on the other hand, was content to just chill in the stroller until he was four. If Zuzu is like Laren then you might not even need a double stroller...

  9. Brooke, I am going to email you a pic of our stroller, it is the Baby Jogger Citi Mini Double and we love it. Probably one of our best investments. Our kids were very content in the stroller, we took them to Disney, zoo, mall, etc...even today (they are 3 and 5), I am still using a lot.

  10. My kids are 2 and 1/2 years apart and I had a double stroller that was not side by side. It still fit in my trunk and I liked it fine (it was VERY heavy, though) But my kids have never liked strollers that much and it just never worked that well for us. Last time we went to the zoo I tricked out our Radio Flyer wagon. I have a canopy and the bag you can buy for it, plus on Etsy I bought padded seat covers from Wagon Paddy. (That's right, padded seat covers for their little tushies). It worked great. They could get in and out easily as they prefer to walk, but I was able to strap them in when they bugged me. Plus the canopy worked great with the sun, better than the stroller ones.

    But, my kids are farther apart than yours. Check out The Baby Guy, He has lots of stroller posts, but I found them pricey.

    Go to garage sales, too. That's where I got our double. You can wash all the stuff!!

  11. I do not have the double but I adore my citi mini gt. It folds so easy, very high quality. I adore it. Best baby purchase.

    I would imagine baby wearing will make the transition as easy as possible. Then you have two free hands for Zuzu.

  12. Hello - I am a long time reader but this is my first comment. I do not recommend the BOB double stroller. It is way too wide. I am selling mine and buying the City Mini. I also have an UPPA (which I love) and I bought the rumble seat (prior to buying the BOB double last year). It obviously is not as wide but it is very hard to turn with both seats and kids in it. I rarely use the attachment. It really only is good for strolls around the neighborhood (flat surfaces, not a lot of turning). Hope this helps. Good luck!

  13. My kids were six years apart, so I'm not a lot of practical help. That said, I think most double strollers would be so heavy / cumbersome, that you might avoid using them as much. If you head off to the zoo, then would you be more likely to go with David? If so, you could each man a stroller - the infant friendly one for baby and an easy umbrella stroller for Zuzu, and the fold up stroller might fit in the bin under the big stroller when she's not using it. Or you take turns wearing the baby. Once the baby is too heavy to carry, will Zuzu be done with the stroller anyway? How often would you really be venturing out with both on your own? If you head down the street to the playground, then having the baby on you while you chase Zuzu around makes more sense anyway, versus leaving the baby in the double stroller and manhandling it around the playground after a busy toddler. Single strollers are a lot easier to get into public bathrooms too - a place you'll be frequenting shortly. So you'll have to park the big stroller outside the restroom, put the baby in a carrier on you and assist a toddler in the toilet. Probably no perfect scenario, but just the way I'd think through it. Maybe plot out the various places you would (realistically) go with both babies on your own, and then see how many of those would require a double stroller for you to have a successful outing. If it's one outing a weekend in nice weather, is it worth the $$?

  14. I don't have expereince with the double stroller but we have the bumbleride indie jogger and love it so much! We can go anywhere and it folds well and is fairly light weight (again, not sure about the double though. About the price, we purchased on Amazon just as they released a new model so the old model was significantly discounted. I have also seen many high end double strollers including the indie for sale at our local children's consignment store. You could look for that option or craigslist or yard sales.

  15. Like many of your other comments, I'd agree that double strollers are big and bulky by nature. I have 8 mo twins and I use an In-Step side by side jogger. The single wheel in the front helps you turn on a dime (this is similar to the BOB jogger), and it's easy to get my kids in and out. Good luck!

  16. I say drive to a store that sells both the citi mini and the bob and practice collapsing them and putting them in your car.

    If they are the same pain and have the same awkward bulkiness, go with the BOB. Because then in addition to having a good errand running double, you also have a good jogger (the best in my opinion). If the Citi is WAY more convenient and easy to fold up and that is more important than having a good jogger, go with it. And it very well may be. I love my BOB but it is bulky. But the ten seconds it takes to load and unload don't wreck my day either. Also, I've used it at doctors appointments and stores and never had a problem getting through doorways.

  17. Baby Jogger City Select seems to also be another favorite. I love the different positions could work for various age differences.

  18. We bought a sit and stand and it's been good. Really depends on your older kids habits - after awhile, George preferred standing or sitting on the bench as opposed to being in the bucket-style seat. The sit and stand offers options. It's also not huge or heavy and fits in my trunk. And the price was right. My boys are 22 months apart and it worked for us. The downside though was it doesn't have that comfort and reclining feature so the newborn can't use it until they're a bit older and even still, it's not so cushy for snoozing.

    Now, we just use the wagon most days or they seem to prefer riding their bikes most days. They really do outgrow strollers so fast.

  19. I have to agree with the baby-wearing. Keep your single stroller and get a Moby or Ergo carrier. This is much easier to maneuver when you're out by yourself. And you don't have to worry about stranger reaching in to touch the baby. (ugh!) If you're all out as a family you and David can each push a stroller.

  20. There was a news story the other day of someone hacking into the baby video monitor and screaming at the sleepy baby (at like 1am). Just an fyi - that is super creepy to me.

  21. Have you looked into the Joovy double strollers? They have one (the Caboose model?) that looks pretty sleek one child isn't super close to the ground. It also has a bench seat that can be converted to a stroller bar for the older child. And it can be used with car-seats. It's the front runner for me.