Tuesday, March 11, 2014


Today it was a glorious 80 degrees. Tomorrow they're calling for snow showers and a high of 38. Ah, springtime in Missouri.

We soaked up all the sunshine we could handle the past two days, and instead of being satisfied with two lovely days of early springtime, I'm just greedy for more. I can't wait to see how much fun Zuzu has outside this summer.

I discovered this video on David's phone from last summer and just had to share it (even if nobody besides Grammy is all that interested). You'll see why strangers at the pool would come up and ask where she was taking swim lessons (before she was ever enrolled in them). This child loves the water.

(I also feel compelled to add that even though adults are not always on screen in this video, one of us was always an arm's reach away from her in when she was in the baby pool. She might love the water, but she still makes me nervous!)


  1. Adorable!! What fun this summer will be!

  2. Oh my gosh Catherine would NEVER do that! Look at her! She's in her glory. I love that she has no problem having her ears underwater, and that it in fact seems to be her favorite position.
    This is priceless.

  3. Amazing!!! And I am with you--can't wait for more decent weather. We did the zoo Sunday and parks the past 2 days and I think we are going to Purina farms on Thursday... Can't get enough of fun outside stuff!!

  4. LOL She seems to love it! It always makes me nervous too!

  5. Adorable. And I don't think I've seen a baby that age be that OK with the water. Good for her!

    By the way, I live in Kansas. It was GLORIOUS on Monday. Also 80 degrees. This morning there was frost on my car. I'm like you - totally greedy and wanting more. Go away, winter!

  6. I can't wait to see she's like this summer. Benjamin was just like this at a year and he's not as much like this now, but still loves the water and kicks ass in swim class.

    80 degrees. WHAT on earth.

  7. Beautiful girl - you're going to have lots of fun this summer. Hope things are going well.

  8. Thought I had commented!! What a little fish! She's looooves the water.

    Theo loves the bath. He's 10.5 months now. I don't think he'll be THIS kinda water lover in the next 3 months. Zu's in a category all of her own. Can't wait t see her in action this year (and with her new swim wear!!).