Thursday, March 13, 2014

Last Weekend's Adventures: Screams, Scarves, and Fire (Warning: It was Actually Less Exciting Than It Sounds)

So we had kind of a big weekend (Spoiler Alert: Not really). Friday the weather got warm-ish and I decided that Zuzu and Cooper and I were going for a walk as soon as we got home. I headed into daycare to pick up Zuzu and found that she wasn't in the toddler playroom, but was in the baby room (at her request). She loves babies these days (obsessively, really) and she's so thrilled to go into the baby room and look at the babies and play with their toys.

She had only been in there a few minutes, and she was so thrilled to be in the baby room that when I picked her up to leave, she burst into a huge screaming fit, crying "No! Baby! Baby!" in the most piteous slash ear-piercing way possible.

You can guess how awesome this made me feel. Here I am, looking forward to getting home from work and seeing my kid and taking her for a nice stroll around the neighborhood in this thing we call sunshine that I haven't seen in months, and she would rather stay at daycare.  Amazing.

Also there was another mom getting ready to pick up her infant and she watched me wrangle my squirming, screaming toddler (who wanted nothing more than to escape my loving arms and return to the glory of the daycare center) with this total look of pity on her face like, "It must suck for your kid to like daycare more than she likes you." Why yes, actually. It does. I feel AWESOME.

Once we got to the car, Zuzu was fine and we were just getting ready to leave on our walk when David and called and said he was almost home. I asked if he wanted us to wait so he could join us, but he said no, he had to take a shower. I suggested he shower after we walked, but then he explained he was covered in whipped cream. Because of course he was.

(Not as sexy as it sounds! Evidently it was belated Principals' Day at his school and he and the assistant principal had whipped cream pies thrown in their faces. I really don't get what principals do all day or how pie-throwing-target is part of the job description.)

So Coop and Zuzu and I set off and had a nice little walk. Zuzu was excited to see "Dogs! Woof-woof!" and "BABY! BABY!" as we strolled around the park. (Side note: I continue to ponder the double-stroller question and am always scoping out different brands and styles as we walk so I'm ready for warmer weather on a regular basis so I can see my options out there, although I don't think I'll have the courage to buy one until after Rerun is here.) Also Zuzu started shouting "All done!" from the stroller when we were still a few blocks from home and we had a rather vocal disagreement on whether she was, in fact, "all done" with the stroller. I won the argument, but only because she can't yet work the buckles that strap her in.

Saturday morning I ran errands by myself (wahoo!). A few weeks ago, I lost my trusty black pashmina scarf that I got for a steal of a deal at J.C. Penney something like two years ago. I picked it up on a half-off sale having no idea how often I would wear it. Since then, I've found it to be the perfect accessory. I can throw it on with anything and instantly feel more put together. I wear it to teach quite often because it goes with everything, makes me feel like I look more put-together, and it covers up cleavage, tea stains (spills happen), and the start of a baby bump. Somehow--inexplicably--it has disappeared. After searching my house, car, and office in vain, I decided that it had to be replaced.

I had two goals at the mall on Saturday--pick up a couple swimsuits for Zuzu (we start swimming lessons in April) and find a replacement black scarf. Important side note: I'm a bargain-hunter kind of shopper and I almost never buy something that's not marked down unless it's a very specific item that I've been lusting after for a while.

So I browsed around the mall and scored a super cute swim suit and rash guard at Baby Gap (judging by Instagram, it's the It Suit of the season and all the most fashionable babies will be wearing it).

Zuzu approves.
I also scoped out Gymboree but wasn't overly impressed with the cute, although I like that their suits have built-in swim diapers. So then I headed over to Janie & Jack and fell in love with this little vintage number.

The one-sock on, tongue-out look is all the range in beach wear this season.

Oh, hey!
I mean, it has tiny gold buttons. How cute is that?

Having settled the swimsuit issue, it was time to get serious about the black scarf. Nordstrom didn't have exactly what I was looking for, but I was feeling antsy and kind of desperate, so I went ahead bought a lightweight black infinity scarf that I thought would do the job. Then I went to Macy's and found a scarf pretty much just like what I had in mind on clearance for $6.99... except it wasn't available in black. So I bought it in red (and got an additional 15% off!) and then found a black one, almost identical to what I had lost, that was slightly marked down from its original price of $30. So I bought it, too, figuring I'd take both black scarves home and decide which one I liked best and then return the other.

(I'd made up my mind to keep the Macy's pashmina scarf with the fringe and return the infinity scarf to Nordstrom because the pashmina felt more versatile.)

BUT on Sunday my mom and I were going to Trader Joe's and we popped over to World Market just to see what was going on in there and I stumbled across THE PERFECT black scarf for $9.99. I was so excited. So then I had two scarves to return to the mall, but who cares because I have successfully replaced my favorite scarf with an equal or better model.  Huzzah!

(My apologies if you are not totally enthralled by my scarf-buying saga. This was kind of a big deal to me.)

Ono Saturday, my mom was taking the train into town from Kansas City so that she could keep Zuzu for us Saturday night while we went to a trivia night for David's school district. So once my shopping adventures were over, I headed to a coffee shop near the train station to grade papers and wait for her train to show up. (Our team actually came in second place, mostly because the literacy coach's husband is a trivia savant. I did contribute some knowledge about Queen Victoria because the British monarch who ruled the longest, so I guess that seven years of graduate school weren't a total waste. My trivia knowledge is narrow, but it is deep!)

The next morning is when things ALMOST got exciting.

David was making eggs for breakfast and went out to the chicken coop to see if we had any fresh eggs (Like you do when you have chickens! It's super awesome.). Anyway, as he stepped outside, he noticed the smell of SMOKE coming from the side of the house. The Chicken Sisters were wandering around the yard, all accounted for and seemingly oblivious to the fact that the smoke smell was coming from their coop. David headed over there and discovered that their warming light had gotten knocked down and broken, and the hot bulb had actually started their wood-chips smoldering. We were literally minutes from a fire breaking out inside their coop, which is a little wooden house filled with wood chips, positioned between the side of our house and a wooden privacy fence. So you know, kind of flammable.

David bolted inside, filled up a big cup with water and and sprinted back to pour it over the smoking wood chips. It was a relatively easy fix (though he made a few more trips with water, just to be sure it was completely extinguished) but seriously scary to think about what could have happened if the fire had started in the night, or if David hadn't gone out there and noticed it before the whole coop (and then NEIGHBORHOOD?) actually erupted in flames. Crisis averted, thank goodness.

The question, of course, was how the light got knocked down and broken. This was a mystery that we pieced together over breakfast, Nancy Drew style.

My mom got up early Sunday morning and as she was making her coffee, she heard Cooper whining at the back door. She went and let him inside, thinking that David must have come down and let him out very early and then gone back to bed, although she noticed that the back door was dead-bolted.

But David hadn't let Cooper out early that morning--in fact, we realized that we must have let Cooper outside when we got home from trivia and then David went to bed assuming I'd let him in, and I went to bed assuming Cooper had already gone upstairs with David. So the poor spoiled puppy, for the first time in his entire life, spent the whole night OUTSIDE!

Poor pitiful.
It didn't get super cold that night (down in the 40s) but for a pampered pooch like Cooper, it had to be chilly. So we conjecture that he looked for the warmest place he could find outside--and kicked the chicken sisters out of their coop so he could cozy up in there under their warming lamp. However, because he's a big awkward beast, he must have knocked the light down, causing it to break and eventually to start a fire in the wood chips. (Fortunately, no chickens were harmed in the process of Cooper's camp out--although I imagine they were probably annoyed at getting ousted from their cozy coop.)

Chickens have recovered. Also pictured: our little climber, a burned-out light bulb, and a blue dog chew.
 In sum, the puggle spent the night in the hen house and as a result, our house almost caught on fire, but we all survived the weekend and I got the perfect scarf and Zuzu got two swimsuits so we're still going to call this one a win.


  1. Oh, it's so NICE to read of other kids who desperately want to stay at daycare instead of going home. The other day Gwen clung to one of the teachers, "Agnes, Agnes!" as if I were about to rip her away from the only love she's ever known.

  2. LOL for some reason I love this post! I'm a total bargain hunter, so the scarf thing totally had me and Zuzu's bathing suits are totally adorable! And poor pitiful Cooper and chilly chicken sisters! I also love the captioning of all your pics although I was disappointed not to see the scarves!

  3. I totally feel you on the scarf!! Your weekend sounds like it was awesome :-) except for poor Cooper.

  4. How you make everyday stuff sound interesting is why everyone reads your blog and paragraphs about a pashmina scarf.

    You're my hero.

  5. Agree with brandy. Also, I think Cooper is brilliant to look for a warm home for the night! Roscoe would just bark at the door until we let him in, he's getting very rude in his old age. Cooper showed real survival instincts there. His wolf ancestors would be proud.

  6. Um. Doesn't your Phil and Ted's stroller conert to a double? I would do that. Or a City Select if Joe would ever let me spend that much on a stroller...

    I worked in a daycare, kids do that all the time. Zuzu won't be the first or the last who wanted stay when their parents came.

    Love your tales of shopping and the near fire. Where the heck is the Janie and Jack? I have 3 yo pictures coming up and need some cute outfits.

  7. I have a City Elite double (side by side.) Love it! Tons of space to store things, SIX cup holders, etc! That said, my local consignment store had one almost new for $250 (they retail $700) so I had $200 store credit and paid the rest cash. I have had it for 2 years and will keep it probably for another year or two. So I would check Craigslist and consignment for a double if you can't find one, sometimes they do have nicer ones.