Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Kitchen Reveal

I don't have a whole lot to say about the kitchen...  we hired someone to paint it and they did! There was nothing terribly wrong with the cabinets, but the wood color didn't match the trim or doors and we wanted to do something different as a quick fix while we think about what we might want to do long-term. I stole my paint color from a kitchen in a magazine and we did the bottom cabinets in Benjamin Moore's Witching Hour and the top cabinets in a bright white.

View from the dining room.

Stove side.

And the fridge (the cabinet is nearly cut off in this photo, but you get the idea).

View from the window nook. Look at my bald baby! (That was this past summer)

I'm happy with the way the colors turned out, and I like the simple switch we made in the hardware on the drawers:

I wish we would have gone ahead and added crown molding at the top of the cabinets. David asked me about it, but I blame first-trimester-exhaustion because that decision totally overwhelmed me and I said no without thinking it through. It just seemed like too much work at the time. We have a bit of leftover paint, so it can still be added--we just need to get motivated enough to get on that.

The thing is... (brace yourselves)... the new cabinets now make the walls look kind of dingy. I didn't mind the color when we first moved in and the cabinets were brown. It's Restoration Hardware paint ($$$) and the color is something like "Silver Mint Leaf" (I'm making that up because I can't remember). Anyway, I feel like it looks greener now than it did before, in addition to being kind of... grimy... next to the fresh, clean cabinets. So there may be a kitchen re-paint in our future (distant future...  probably when I'm 8 months pregnant and "nesting" this summer).

Of course the other thing I hate now is the countertops (not that I loved them before, but I love them even less now).  I've been exploring some low-cost options. But I'm not convinced that concrete countertops would be suited to our space. And I'm skeptical of the special countertop covering that is essentially heavy-duty contact paper that supposedly looks like granite or marble. There's really not that much counter space at all--so I'm thinking maybe we should just price new countertops?  Unless we really think we might get serious about a kitchen overhaul in a few years...  I just don't know.

I would like to get on the backsplash situation sooner rather than later. David wants to get fancy, but I just want a simple white subway tile. We just need to get on it. David's hesitant because we haven't tiled anything ourselves before, but I think we can watch a few YouTube videos and then try our hand at it. And if I'm going to do a new backsplash, I'm definitely going to paint first. And I really am not sure what color paint I would want on the walls... maybe a light gray-blue? Maybe a greige?

All in all, I'm happy with the cabinets but the kitchen still feels very unfinished to me (and let's not forget that I'm just totally ignoring the floor with its super-shiny unattractive tile that I would eventually like to replace...).

The tuxedo paint job is a winner in my book. I feel like there's so much more to do, but in the meantime, we're enjoying the change!


  1. The new color makes it so bright and airy! I really like them. The professional painters did such a great job. I have painted out a kitchen before and know it is no fun.

  2. Nice job!

    I'd do butcher block cabinets in a white hot second in there, on top of those dark cabinets. Stain or seal them a color you like.

    Or a white Caesarstone would look pretty clean and sweet. You've got a ton of stuff going on in that room - several different work areas, bay window, lots of doors - and if you tile the backsplash as well that's a lot more individual "pieces" - so I think you want a countertop that isn't too busy.

  3. I agree on subway tiles, ignore David. That's usually what I do when Miles has an opinion about decor.

    And something in the grey family would look great for paint as it would also go well with your appliances in addition to the cabinets.

    What about painting the tile floor? Not that you would do anything this busy in the kitchen, but seems like a neat, fairly cheap, temporary option.

  4. I read this bit about redoing countertops a while back:

    Maybe that is worth looking at, too? It all looks great so far, regardless! Nice work!

  5. RH Silver Sage :)

    i love the painted cabinets- gorgeous!!!! :)

  6. I like the new paint job, especially that you used to different colors. We need new cabinets and paint in our kitchen so bad. We have talked about do 2 colors as well, but can't decide on what colors to choose.

  7. New hardware rocks my world. Nice job! Definitely makes your kitchen more up-to-date. And how nice that you didn't have to do the dirty work.

  8. I really enjoy your home improvement projects, Brooke! The cabinets look great. (And having painted my own, I can tell you that you made the right choice by hiring someone else!!)

    I recently used this blackboard paper for a quick and cheap countertop resurfacing in my mudroom: I couldn't believe how much it transformed the room! Not sure if it'd be durable enough for kitchen counter use, but they sell it in much smaller quantities, so you could buy a bit to try it out first (it's supposed to be very easy to remove). I also wallpapered a few little accent walls with it. Or if you're ready to invest in an upgrade, granite and marble actually aren't that expensive if you're doing a small space - you should be able to find it for around $50/square foot installed. Good luck!

  9. I WANT TO PAINT MY CABINETS SO BAD. Sorry for being yelly. But I do. This is beyond awesome.

  10. You often provide a cost breakdown for your projects--can I ask how much-ish it was to have the cadets painted? I'm trying to convince my hubby that we NEED to do this, too, but don't know what sort of cost we are talking to even know if we are getting good quotes, or if it would be worth it if we want to move in the next year or two.

  11. I agree about the granite, when you are doing a small space it often isn't as expensive as you think as long as you pick a more "common" color and not something super rare! We took the Corian out when we bought our house and installed granite, my husband was iffy but now he loves it with the cherry cabinets! :)


  12. Did your paint guy use a sprayer? We're contemplating trying this ourselves, as my dad says hiring someone will cost "a few thousand" and at that rate, why not just save a little more and buy new cabinets? But I think his number may be off both ways-- I think for a small kitchen a paint job might be closer to $1500, while brand new cabinets are gonna run $6-7k. These are pulled out of my butt estimates, though. :) I just have a sense his estimates are off.

  13. @Anonymous: Yes--our paint guy used a sprayer on the cabinet doors. He removed them and took them back to his shop. And I think your estimate of $1500 for a small kitchen is pretty close. We paid around $1900 (with tax) for the kitchen and the basement to be painted.

  14. I keep coming back to this (because I'm obsessed with taking in every detail, and vicariously living through your remodel and imagining how my kitchen would look and how my life would feel as fresh as the first day of spring if I and I can't believe I didn't comment!!!

    I love it obviously.