Thursday, February 13, 2014

Remember Last Year At This Time?

I'm working on a nice long post all about our laundry room makeover, but in the meantime I thought I'd link you to a little eye-candy.  Can you believe it's already been a year since I posted this?

Also funny--compared to her little friends at daycare, Zuzu is still somewhat lacking in the hair department, but seeing her at this time last year makes me feel like her current locks are long and luscious.  She was one bald baby!

Zuzu is currently obsessed with babies, and most of the pictures of babies around our house are pictures of her.  So she basically loves herself.  She will watch videos of herself on our phones over and over:  "More baby? More baby! More baby, peas!"

And when I look at the cute, I can hardly blame her for being such a little narcissist.


  1. Ha, I love the one of her licking David!! So cute. :)

  2. OMG those pictures are adorable! I could look at pictures of her all day long, she's such a ham!

  3. Oh, that is one of my very favorite posts. I'd be lookin' at myself all the darn time too, if I had what she's got going on!
    Cate's also wildly self-involved - must be the age?! She'd spend hours a day on my phone looking at videos of herself if she could. (And she could - she can navigate my iPhone better than my parents. They're not kidding when they say it's intuitive.)
    I say...go for it girls. You ARE fascinating and indelibly entertaining. Eat yourselves up!