Friday, February 14, 2014

Must Be the Smile

Zuzu is at that stage where she loves to name things she knows.  Pointing and declaring is basically her favorite past-time.

Car! (anytime we're outside)

Airplane! (upon hearing any sort of zooming)

Baby! (pictures of herself or ads in Parents magazine)

Mama! (pictures of me)

Daddy! (pictures of David)

Bubba! (pictures of Cooper)

Bird! (seeing them outside)

Cat! Meow! (the Kitten Bowl on the Hallmark channel)

Dog! Woof! (neighbor-dogs)

Chicken! Bawk-bawk! (our own chickens, obvs)

As we were going into daycare today, we passed by the window of a food/farming co-op that shares the parking lot and, for some reason, has sun-faded fine-art prints taped in their windows.  Zuzu observed one poster as we passed by, then pointed and proclaimed it, "Mama!"

Yeah.  I get that a lot.


  1. Last July we were at a medieval themed event with beautiful tapestries on the walls, and Gwen pointed to one of the queens and said "mama!" I was pleased.

    I was less pleased a few months later when she pulled out the grey-haired, be-spectacled duplo lady and named that one "mom" as well. psigh...

  2. You sure she said mama, or was it Mona? She may be a genius ya know?

  3. Hahahaha.

    Zuzu is a rockstar. And apparently you have a unibrow. ;)

  4. Okay, maybe not a uni-brow. Was thinking of Frida Kahlo. There's always a bright side to things, see? You could be Frida Kahlo.

  5. Ha!! I am sometimes flattered and sometimes horrified by the pictures the kids think look like me! Apparently I look somewhere between ages 18 and 60.

  6. I am the teacher in Brown Bear..haha!~M