Wednesday, January 15, 2014

First Hair Cut

I did it, you guys.  I cut Zuzu's hair.

I know it's hard to believe, given that she doesn't appear to have a whole lot of it.  She's really challenged in the bang-area.  But the back was moving past wispy to stringy and instead of looking cute and whimsical it looked unkempt and ragamuffin.

My mom had been nagging encouraging me to trim it up for a while now--assuring me it would "look thicker!"  I had mixed feelings though--I was afraid it would make her look grown up, and she did have this one little curl in the middle (well, sometimes it curled) that was really cute, in a mullet rat tail sort of way.

Um, this is cute, right?
But then I took this picture of here, and while it just captured her at an unfortunate moment, I could no longer ignore the fact that her hair looked, well, horrid.

I mean MY GOD, is she feral?  Judging by the fact that she actually chewed the styrofoam cup behind her in half and then covered herself in her dinner (hence the strip-down in the kitchen), it seems quite possible.  Also, the short-on-top, long-on-the-sides look is just not super flattering.
So I sat her in the high chair, gave her some fruit to snack on, and trimmed it up across the back.

I'm not sure it really looks thicker, but it is more even and definitely looks less like she's being raised by wolves.

And it's still wispy and sweet.

The nice part of her not having any hair on top is that cutting her hair didn't age her the way haircuts sometimes do.  She still looks just like our little punkin from the front.  It's just a bit more... civilized... in the back.

And yes, I taped some wisps of hair in her baby book.  Memories...


  1. Awwwwww.....

    Gwen has unfortunately inherited my thin whispy hair rather than Joel's beautiful thick hair, so at 25 months we still haven't had anything to cut. Opposite of Zuzu, though, hers is getting long and thicker on top, but in the back is still barely visible!

  2. I like the not so subtle hint caught on the TV screen in that last photo.

    Cute haircut. My girls were both 3 before they got their first trims, but their hair did seem to grow in a way that always looked like I had planned that style. Just luck, I guess.

    E had this unfortunate bald strip across the back of her thick baby hair for awhile though, from sleeping, so we did sport a bit of a mullet look for awhile.

  3. OMG, I can't stop laughing at the feral comment and the accompanying photo and description of her devouring the cup! lol.


    We are pretty straight along the back, we are *just* getting wisps above our ears, so I am hopeful we will have some form of hair sooner rather than later.

    And Lord help me if Pipes arrives with a thick head of luscious hair- I don't know how Grace will manage it! ha!

  4. She's gorgeous!!

    My step mom is Vietnamese and apparently the tradition for them is to shave the girl's head at 1 year old so they will grow 'kid' hair instead of baby hair. I was very surprised to learn this.

  5. She looks nice and toddler fresh with that new do. I too am afraid of cutting the baby strays...can't go back once you snip! I didn't expect to have a baby with wild crazy hair. That crazy look that Caroline is sporting (ha!!) is what I Think Theo will look like in a few the spike he has going on. I need to cut it soon.. The trailer park growth poking all around his ears is really dirty looking. Like, he HAS parents. C'mon now. I just wasn't expecting to do it before the year mark!!

    My friend is Asian, and had a girl back in 09, and it's tradition in her culture to shave the head at like, 4 months... so thick, mature hair will grow in...and to repeat 2-3 times during toddlerhood. She didnt do it, but apparently she was shaved bald as a baby!

  6. I cannot stop laughing.

    Good work mom!

  7. That first haircut is so hard!!! We put it off for a while too. It looks good!!! Good job, Mama!

  8. Oh, I love that outfit in the bottom photo! My baby girl had that outfit, one of my favorites. Takes me back...

  9. HY-sterical! And yes, looks nice trimmed. Maybe it will grow into a bob? :)

  10. Hahaha. This is hilarious. Ragamuffin. Feral. "It will look thicker."

    Oh man. I just love Zuzu and her pre-hillbilly days.

  11. Can't stop laughing! And I love that you cut her hair yourself, cutie pie!

  12. Ha ha ha ha...this post made me laugh out loud :) :) :)