Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Cooper's Latest Trick

Cooper really is the best dog.

He has (nearly) infinite patience with Zuzu (although he will get a little feisty if there's food involved).

He is the best snuggler in the world and loves sleeping under the covers (we call him the blanket whore because no matter whose lap he's on when the movie starts, he'll abandon post for the first blanket that gets unfolded).

Please, may I have some lap?
He makes VERY LOUD announcements when people arrive, but once you prove you're friend not foe, Cooper makes you a friend FOR LIFE.

But then tonight he pulled a new stunt, which I did not find very impressive.

We run a small space heater in Zuzu's room to make up for the low temps of the house at night since she doesn't sleep with covers.  We also run a humidifier and a fan so there's tons of white noise, which, in my totally non-professional opinion, I think helps with her sleeping as well as she does.

Tonight, her machines were whirring and I was wrapping up "You Are My Sunshine" and getting ready to lay her in her crib when Cooper nosed his way into the room.  He usually joins us for our bedtime ritual, but David had gone downstairs after storytime to get the pizza out of the oven and Cooper had followed him, then ventured back upstairs to catch the tail-end of lullaby-time (Because my singing attracts dogs?  Possibly he thinks I am communicating with him.)

ANYWAY, I swear to you that Cooper walked into the room, paused, and farted DIRECTLY in front of the space heater.

If you were wondering what would improve upon the smell of dog fart?  Try WARM dog fart, being oscillated throughout the room.

Thanks for that, Coop.  Thanks for that.  At least I got to put Zuzu in her crib and escape.  Zuzu settled down right away--although the poor girl might have been knocked unconscious by the fumes.

Zuzu loves him anyway.


  1. Laughs! Oh Brooke I so needed this post today! Hilarious. You had me hanging on just waiting to hear what clever trick he came up with.

    That is my first laugh today. Thank you!

  2. Did Roscoe teach him that? If so I am so sorry!

  3. After all the heavy emails today, a chuckle is welcome (though it feels a little wrong, like laughing did those first few weeks!).
    But the way you wrote it it's such a clear scenario- can't help but enjoy a little comic relief! Truly, thanks for that, Coop. :))

  4. Ugh, my cat does this and it is NOT CUTE. I swear, I have the stinkiest cat in the world.

  5. This made me laugh! Loveable ole Cooper!

  6. He is so cute! I know those big beagly eyes!