Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Animal Noises

File this blog post under shameless bragging or stage-mother tendencies, but I cannot resist showing off Zuzu's skills to all the world interwebz.

I filmed this a couple of weeks ago, forgetting to turn my phone so that the video would fill the whole screen.  I just love capturing her little voice, even though I mistake what she's saying at the end.  I thought she was just jabbering, but it is obvious to me now that she was saying "Chicken! Chicken!"

She's still not much for saying please or thank you, but she is into naming the world around her, announcing objects that she sees.  "Birds!" are a big hit, especially if they take off flying from a tree, a bunch of them together.  "Bubba" is Cooper, but "Bubba" is also her word for baby, which can get kind of confusing.

This morning I got her out of her crib and we sat in her rocker to snuggle for just a minute.  Some mornings I get lucky and she'll put her head on my shoulder and we can rock for a few before she gets dressed.  This morning, though, she was alert and chatty.  Instead of leaning against me, she sat up and pointed to the frames on the wall next to her chair.  "Bird!" for the cardinal print.  "Bubba!" for her birth announcement.  "Night-night, bubba!" because her eyes are closed in the photo on her birth announcement.

I understand that we're in for a language explosion between 18 months and 2 years, and I can't wait.  I love being able to understand a little bit of how she is seeing the world.  (And I'm hoping it will help her express her frustrations in less physical ways.)

Anyway, here's my chatty girl (please ignore the head wound--a self-inflicted injury when she threw a temper tantrum at daycare because she wanted to play in the sleeping section of the room):


  1. I love your label, lol.

    Grace only really likes doing one (useless) animal noise… It's "what does a dragon/dinosaur say". ROAR

  2. Wow - her language is amazing. Henry is the strong, silent type, I guess. Not many words yet although it's starting. George does all the talking for him anyway, so I guess he's happy to have him be the spokesperson. This age is so much fun.

  3. Isn't this fascinating? I am in awe that Benjamin is starting to recognize individual letters and numbers now in addition to a blooming vocabulary. We're saying a few two-word phrases, but he's literally picking up words every single day.

    I love her. I enjoy reading about Zuzu all the time and seeing her cute face and hearing her cute voice and and and.... :)

  4. SUCH an awesome age!! I LOVE watching their little brains make new pathways!!

    Zuzu is ADORABLE!!

  5. Popping by to say 'hello' outside of our happy IG world! She is SO precious- and getting so big!!!!!!!!!!!