Sunday, November 3, 2013

Bum-Kin How-To

So Halloween has passed, but it's not too late to make a little memory with your own little punkin!  After seeing a friend's instagram post of her son's bum-kin project, I decided that I had to capture my own little bum-kin on canvas.  (Because of course.)  So when my mom was here, we set about Making Magical Holiday Memories AKA Embarrassing Future Zuzu with Holiday Art.


A baby-butt-sized canvas (available at your local craft store--I got mine at Hobby Lobby in a two-pack for something like $5).

Some orange finger paint (I used the non-toxic Crayola stuff, purchased a while back in a 4-pack of tubes).

A foam paint brush.

A cute baby tush.

A helper (this is a two-man one-baby project for sure!).


Step 1:  Strip the baby nekkid and stand her up on the sink.  Place blank canvas on closed lid of toilet.

Step 2:  Squeeze some orange paint onto the foam brush and apply liberally to the baby butt.

Step 3:  Maneuver baby over the canvas and gently stamp her butt onto it (your helper should assist you in positioning baby's butt just right).

{No Photo:  Our hands were full!}

Step 4:  Squeeze a little green finger paint onto the canvas to make your pumpkin patch grass and add a quick swipe for the stem.  Try not to think about it looking like poop.

{Optional Step 5:  Set canvas on stair bannister to dry, then knock canvas down the stairs so the grass smears and call it "rustic".}

Ta-da!  Now you have an adorable baby bum-kin and a fall decoration to put up year after year.

David and I considered buying a bigger canvas and making a family bum-kin patch with ALL our butt-prints, but in the end we decided that only one of us has a cute enough butt to justify stamping it on a canvas.

So that's our one-of-a-kind, borderline inappropriate fall artwork!  (Thanks to Asher for the inspiration!)

Remember painting with Zuzu about this time last year?


  1. Ha ha! Asher says ZuZu has a cute little butt (or he would, if he could talk!). Laughed out loud at the idea of a family butt-print piece. No thanks!

  2. Try to forget about it looking like baby poop. Hahaha.

    And the family butt photo would've been lovely.

  3. Glad you guys passed on the family ass-work (get it, artwork ... Asswork). I can't help but SEE specific parts of the bum, and yes, only cutely appropriate for the babe's bum. Ha!

  4. OMG words cannot describe how adorable this is! Nikkid Zuzu!

  5. lol at family ass-prints. hahaha

    Zuzu has a delicious behind. :)