Thursday, October 3, 2013

Living with a Cold, Living in the Living Room, Living with Zuzu

I've been feeling a wee bit melancholy this week, and I blame it on this cold that I thought was allergies and then finally realized was actually a cold, which is probably why the allergy medicine I'd taken for two days wasn't doing much to relieve my symptoms.  Some for-the-realz cold medicine, eucalyptus oil on the bottoms of my feet at bedtime (because I'm a crazy hippie with my small but mighty collection of essential oils), and lots of green tea seems to be improving things.  Snot is no longer running out of my nose, but it is still draining into my throat.  Which is great because there's nothing like the taste of mouth-mucus to put you in a good mood.

I was SO exhausted on Tuesday when I got home from work and I just wanted to lie on the couch for ten minutes or so.  Zuzu was NOT exhausted, though, and instead of lying down and resting, I ended up following in the footsteps of her Reign of Toddler Terror and because I wasn't feeling well, I was about two steps too slow, which is how she ended up dumping the dog's water dish (and then sitting in the puddle of water), pouring dog food out on the laundry room floor, pulling lotion and cleanser out from under the downstairs bathroom sink, and pulling all of my precious lotion-infused tissues out of the box and flinging them around the family room (at least that activity was quiet and relatively harmless).  Girlfriend likes to keep herself busy.

I returned the first exams of the semester today to two of my classes.  It's such a weird moment, because the dynamic of the class kind of changes after that.  Because no matter how much someone participates or how friendly they seem to be, now I know their test scores.  And they know I know.  And no matter how smiley or nice or understanding I seem to be about the reasons they have to miss class or the reason they forgot their textbook, now they know that my exams are serious business.  Even if I carried a box of kleenex and a cup of hot tea into class today and kept having to ask people to repeat themselves because I can't hear anything through my stopped-up ears.

We (Zuzu and I) ran into to Walgreens after work/school yesterday and I stocked up on some, um, feminine products.  Zuzu was completely delighted with the package of Always pads.  She acted like it was the best toy she'd ever been given.  She screeched gleefully and waved them at everyone she saw.  Then she hugged them and lay her head against them gently as I carried her around the store.  She would not fully release them from her hand while the very nice (male) checker scanned them.  And when he returned them to her, she clutched them back to her chest and squealed in delight.  I am currently considering negotiations with Always to feature her in an commercial.  I am also considering putting a few pads in her stocking.  Merry Christmas!  It seriously would be, for her.

So a couple of weekends ago, I convinced David that we needed to repaint the living room.  The lavender-gray was not making me happy.  Sherwin Williams was having their 40% off sale and I couldn't wait to get 'er done.  We went from "Big Chill" to "Agreeable Gray."  We knocked it out in an afternoon.  I was super excited for this HUGE CHANGE that was going to make my living room and, by natural extension, my life SO MUCH BETTER.

You guys.  They are virtually the EXACT SAME COLOR.  I mean seriously.  I would show you before and after pics but you absolutely CANNOT tell.  I might as well just post the same picture twice.

Okay, that's not entirely true.  The new gray is better.  It's less purple.  It's gray-gray and not lavender-gray.  It's like the same color with a different undertone or something that I would better be able to describe if I'd taken art classes.  But it's also... blah.  I'm just not loving it.  I'm not into it.  It does not fill me with a feeling of peace and happiness.  I thought it was what I wanted, but it's not.  Now I don't know what I want.

I'm tempted to paint thole damn room white like the entry way, which I actually really like because it makes the wood trim pop like it's there on purpose, but white also seems kind of blah for the living room.  But isn't gray also blah?  And unless I go for a color, what other option am I considering?  Beige?  Greige!?  (Note:  Agreeable Gray shows up on a lot of blogger lists as a really great greige).  I don't know!  I have realized that I love gray, but I like it with crisp white trim (like in the upstairs nursery and bathroom).  So I'm feeling confused and uncertain and this wood trim is really harshing my vibe.  I want to embrace it (which leads me to think: white!).  But I just don't know.  I'm putting off this project until summer (or maybe spring break?) because the non-lavender gray is not so horrible I can't live with it, it's just not making my heart sing.  (I've almost decided to just paint it all white.  Is that weird?)

Ignoring my discontent with the lackluster walls, I have taken advantage of having a fireplace mantle and decked it out for fall.  It's really too busy, but sometimes I just like to say more is more!  Here are all the things I like that are fall-ish!  All the things!  Maybe someday I'll get better at editing when I feel comfortable putting some things on the side table in the dining room, which right now is kind of off limits due to someone being just tall enough to reach her grubby little hands up there.


  1. I love the look of grey with white trim. So crisp! I understand feeling like your taking away from the original-ness of the house, but I think it's just adding to the already cool feature that your house has nice wood trim. It'd just be nice white wood trim. BUT. . .it's definitely a "do it and live with it" sort of commitment.

    Poor David.

  2. Poor David!

    We have colds here too, x3, they SUCK.

  3. Reading about ZuZu with the pads gave me the giggles!

    Have you seen Maria Killam's blog and website? She's a Canadian "color expert" who talks a lot about undertones. There might be just the color-with-wood-tones advice you need!

  4. White trim= major yes

    I have grey walls and white trim in my bedroom and I totally heart it.

  5. Pads. Hah. I must see this stocking. :)

    The purple. I'm convinced most grey has purple. And blue. Watch blues if you ever go there. They often have periwinkle and the color on Benjamin's walls have a hint. But I love it still. Would work for girl or boy.

    David is a saint if you paint that room for the third time. Elliot might kill me. Feeling an itchy throat here and nooooot happy about it. Mucus tastes terrible.

  6. I thought when we moved into this place I could live with the colors except the kitchen. Now I just do not understand what people are thinking or how tastes can be sooo different. Good luck and I hope you find something you love. Good luck with the toddler terrors. All I can say is that my hair is the color of your walls and my heart would like to explode every minute with the sheer terror at how much of a daredevil my little guy is. I want to wrap him in bubble wrap and tie him to a chair. Don't call cps please I'm just a baby loss momma with heightened paranoia to death and traumatic events. ~M

  7. So! Many! Things!

    Once upon a time I nannied a couple of pretty awesome kids that came to my house a bunch and the younger one DESPERATELY wanted to get into my cat's food. Her mom and my ex were like what's the worst that could happen? Just let her get it out of her system. Enter cat food up her nose and a complete lack of understanding of the word BLOW. Luckily the snot from her hysterical crying acted as lube and it just fell out.

    Let's discuss the time G was quiet for way too long and I discovered her playing with the used tissues from my bedside garbage can during a particularly nasty cold.
    And then I died and bleached her hands.

    I get your paint woes. I hope you get your perfect combo!

  8. If only feminine products could always make Zuzu so happy.

    Gwen's been sick for almost all of September and I finally succumbed last night. I used that as an excuse to watch something I found on youtube recently, which -- even though I don't know you and have only seen pictures of you on your blog -- totally made me think of you, because (a) the heroine looks like the pictures of you that you post and (b) it's about literature:

    Lost in Austen:

    If you're still feeling ill, this might cheer you up.

  9. Woo busy Zuzu, busy Mama! LOL at the Zuzu loving feminine hygiene products, how funny! I like the idea of grey and white, I hope you find the right shade!

  10. I love crisp white trim. There is no way in hell my husband would let me/help paint the living room a third time!