Sunday, October 27, 2013

"Doing Laundry"

I am typing this in the laundry room of my house.

David is upstairs, chopping peppers and onions and marinating chicken for fajitas.  David's grandma is upstairs having a cup of coffee and trying to watch the news.  Zuzu is upstairs being a FREAKING MANIAC, crashing hard after a weekend of getting high on grandparent-love-and-attention (my parents were here also).  We spent this morning at Grant's Farm, which was great except that Zuzu napped for exactly twenty minutes in the car on the way home and then woke upon transfer to crib and refused to go back to sleep.

After I finally admitted defeat and brought her back downstairs, she face-planted off her mini-recliner onto a plastic stacking toy and has an angry red welt on her face running from her eyebrow down to her cheek.

She is alternately screeching and crying and if she sees me she runs and wraps her arms around my legs while whining incessantly and wiping her snot on my jeans but there's not any specific thing she wants except sleep, which she doesn't know she wants.  Ah, being a toddler is so damn tricky.

We were all exhausted when we got back from Grant's Farm and I wanted a bit of a nap myself.  My parents headed for home, David lay down on the couch, and his grandma went to the guest room to rest.  I tried everything to get Zuzu to snooze, but didn't let her "cry it out" because (1) more than 10 minutes is against my parenting philosophy but more than 5 minutes makes my ears bleed and more than 2 minutes makes me itchy, especially with Gma trying to sleep in the other upstairs bedroom.  So we tried rocking (fail) and back-patting (fail) and playing quietly in the bedroom before getting back in bed (fail) and going downstairs to rock (fail) and finally I was so damn tired and I went and tried to snooze on the couch while David watched Zuzu shut herself in the cabinet and open the door over and over and over again, but the precise SECOND that I managed to doze off was when she nose-dived off the chair, so then I was comforting a screaming, snotty baby and my nap was off the table.

Once I dragged myself off the couch, I discovered that the "potpourri" I had left simmering on the stove (basil leaves, orange slices, lemon slices, and a cinnamon stick) had boiled dry and was burning.  Let me tell you, it did NOT smell delicious.  And I was so pissed that it happened and I was so pissed at myself for forgetting about it and I was so pissed that there wasn't someone else to blame and I was really SUPER pissed that if it had to happen it would happen when David's grandma is here because OF COURSE it would.

So I'm in a rager of a bad mood, just like Zuzu.  We both need an early bedtime. 
Not to mention we discovered at our well-baby exam on Saturday that our runny-nose but otherwise perfectly cheerful and healthy-seeming baby has a small ear infection.  So, yeah, a nap would really have been useful today.  Instead we'll move bedtime up an hour.

Which means I only have to "sort and fold laundry" for another hundred and twenty minutes.  Excellent!

If you're wondering what else we did this weekend, just imagine this scene on a never-ending loop:


  1. UGH, I hate days like that! You so get the next nap. Tell David I said so! Yay for hiding in the laundry room with your computer! Well played! I hope tomorrow is better! Or that you at least have time for a cup of tea and a deep breath when you get to work.

  2. Sounds like Zuzu should have come home with Grammy and Gramps!

  3. Bless your collective familial heart! And thank you for this post - we're having an extra-special morning here, and it's comforting to remember it's not so special, really. It's just one of those days. Hope you guys had a quality night of sleep!

  4. Wow that sounds like a DAY! I'm sorry, I hate days like that! I hope things settle down and you get some sleep!