Thursday, September 19, 2013

Fashion Tips by Zuzu

If you are thinking about how to transition your summer wardrobe into fall, Zuzu would like to recommend legwarmers.

Rocking legwarmers before "school" today.

Is it just me or are they making the same face?

What else keeps you warm while looking so damn cool?  Even Cooper is impressed.

And while you don't necessarily have to choose pink chevron with ruffles, I can assure you that they'll earn you lots of compliments in the daycare circuit.


  1. They are making the same face! Adorable!

  2. Done. I shall try this myself tomorrow.


    Looking good (as always!), Zuzu!

  3. That is so cute! I am a huge fan of baby legwarmers. So much so that I dress my boys in them all the time. My family hates them and thinks I am nuts but they are obviously wrong. :)

  4. Zuzu, you can dress me anyway!

    Girlfriend has style. So says pink Chevron doesn't work with that outfit? I love how kids still look cute and not like white trash.

  5. So adorable! Future stylist to the stars, Zuzu!

  6. she is too cute. legwarmers and leg rolls

  7. Legwarmers are back?? Who knew?? She's adorable (of course!).