Tuesday, August 20, 2013

WAIT A SECOND (Birthday Flashback)

I started this post a million years ago and just realized I never published it.  Whoops.  Better six weeks late than never, right?  Let's take a trip down memory lane to early July, when our great big 13 1/2 month old had just turned one...

Although Zuzu's rainbow party was a fabulous bash, we decided that we needed to have one more celebration for our girl back in my hometown with The Fam.  It was fourth of July weekend, so my mom decorated with a red-white-and-blue theme and it was super cute.  I managed to neglect to take photos of the adorable food and decorations, and I'm kicking myself for that.

Zuzu had a great time, and got many lovely gifts from family, including a miniature recliner, a baby that giggles and blows kisses, a Cozy Coupe, Legos, a barn, and lots of sweet clothes.

You only turn one once, so you might as well celebrate it twice, AMIRITE?

Captions by Zuzu:

OMG.  Another cake.  Another candle.  I'm beside myself.

Read my sign language: I haven't even started eating and I want MORE!

I'm eating strawberries.  Don't know what these two jokers are doing.

Just opening a few gifts with the help of cousin Lexi.  Lexi was not impressed with my relaxed style of gift opening.  She's far more aggressive than I am.  She also was dismayed by my lack of ability to properly sort shapes and animals into the barn.

Welp.  Time to kick back after all the gift opening work.

2 Girls, 1 Chair.  Hanging with my BFF, Ellie Kate.

Ellie Kate is six months older than me...  think I'll be that tall in six months?


  1. You need to get your parents some pictures of that girl stat. It's a real shame they've got nothing...

    (I love a good picture of a girl in front of more pictures of the girl.)

    Cute party. I forget to photograph too - I've learned to always delegate it ahead of time because I never remember in the moment.

  2. I love how you caption your photos! So cute and funny!

  3. Zuzu's captions are great! Love all the pics :)

  4. You have an adorable little on your hands. Just so cute!
    (btw, love the frame gallery in the background!)