Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Upstairs Bath

Writing the title of this post made me think of this creepy kids song that my mom used to sing:

Alice, where are you going?
Upstairs to take a bath.
Alice, with legs like toothpicks
and a neck like a giraffe!

Alice got in the bathtub,
Alice pulled out the plug.
Oh my goodness!  Oh my soul!
There goes Alice down the hole!

It totally freaked my shit out when I was a kid and instilled an irrational fear of getting sucked down the bathtub drain.  I told my mom not to sing it to Zuzu, but now I catch myself singing it.  Damn catchy tune.

Anyway, the house tour continues.

In the front door...

Up the stairs...

At the top of the stairs...

And in the upstairs bath.

This room is long and narrow, so it was difficult for me to get a good shot.  The lighting also makes it look yellowy, so I did some pictures with the vanity light turned off, which then makes everything look darker than it really is.  Go figure.

Although you don't get much sense of it from this photo, the walls are gray, the tile is bright white.  You can see that the sink sticks out like a sore thumb.  This also shows the only tower bar in the bathroom--a little white one, built into the tile, and sort of weirdly placed.  Works for hand towels, though.

Why they selected this sink instead of a white one, I have no idea.  Probably it was on sale?  There's nothing wrong with it except it looks terrible in here and matches absolutely nothing.  It's on the list to be replaced.

@!W@@WQ@cc v cvc cv  [I left my laptop unattended and Zuzu got ahold of it.  She was grinning so big when I turned around and saw her using the keyboard.  That's her first typing ever!  I cannot delete it.  It's so cute.  The exclamation point is my favorite.]

Back to the bathroom.  In this picture, you can see the over-the-door towel hooks since there is no normal-sized towel rack in this bathroom.  The other small door is a little closet.  This picture pretty well captures the color of the bathroom, including the bright-white-tiles, but the gray is a little lighter in person.  (It's Sherwin Williams Light French Gray--the same gray I used on the nursery walls.  Looks totally French and tres chic, no?).

And this is the inside of the closet.

It might not look like much, but it's actually pretty well organized in my world.  Top shelf is towels (obvy--could have stacked those better... c'est la vie), next shelf is first aid and basket of wash cloths, next shelf holds hair products, some make up, and twelve varieties of deodorant (I uncovered quite the collection when organizing).  Bottom shelf has bug spray, sunscreen, and bath products.

For more storage (you can never have too much, right?).  I added this cabinet above the toilet.

I stuck wrapping paper in the back for a little interest although I'm considering frosting the doors.  The cabinet also holds perfume, Zuzu's bath wash, and the pink bag holds the make up I wear almost every day.  I actually planned to "style" this cabinet a little more, but so far it's more for function than fashion (hence the possibility of frosting the glass).

And here's a picture of the shower curtain.  Same one from the old house.

The tiles are original to the house, and I was told by the previous owner that they were pink and yellow but she had them coated in white.  Which was fine, until she decided to add a weird brown sink with off-white granite top to the mix.  Not too much to do except replace the sink and add a window treatment.  There's not much space to add art on the walls, but knowing me I'll put something up, even if I tuck it behind the door, above the weirdly positioned towel rack.

And now I have to try to get that Alice-in-the-bathtub song out of my head.

# # #

Unrelated to the bathroom, I just have to share two things that made me SO happy this morning.

(1) I dropped Zuzu off at daycare and she did not cry!  I knew it made me sad to leave her when she was crying, but I was practically skipping out of there today and couldn't believe how much lighter my heart felt when I knew she was happy.  Such a relief.  Considering I go back to work in 20 days (gasp!), I really needed this.

(2) As I was filling out the drop-off form, I overheard two of the teachers in Zuzu's room talking about what they'd do if they won the lottery.  They were discussing donations to charity and one of them said that after working at daycares for so long, she'd donate to daycares because she knows they need the funding.  Caroline's primary-care-teacher jumped in and said she'd love to just buy this daycare and give it unlimited funding, and I just LOVED that this lady would still want to be involved at the daycare center even if she won the lottery.  I don't know that she'd still be changing diapers in the toddler room, but seriously it made me feel good to think about her teachers really loving the kids and loving what they do.  God bless daycare teachers.


  1. Now that song is stuck in MY head!!

  2. Love the paint. Vanity is fine in a completely different bathroom. You're so right.

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  4. I have the same feelings about some Shel Silverstein poems.

  5. Gray still cries when I drop him off at the gym daycare and I know it's gonna be ROUGH next week. The days that are few and far between when he doesn't cry are awesome. Maybe this year will be magical and he'll never cry. A girl can dream.

  6. Wow. Love your closet...neatly lined with b/w paisley prints. That does sound like a good daycare.