Friday, August 30, 2013

Pick Two

I hesitated to post this because Pinterest didn't take me back to the original sites for these images (my apologies to the original creators of these images for posting without proper acknowledgment), but after reading the comments on my last post, I'm realizing how true they are (and I'm glad I'm not the only one!).

This week I chose work and laundry.  Maybe next week I'll let the laundry go and try to exercise?

I also think this illustration sums up my current situation nicely:

This week I chose kids & pets and sanity, although sanity is hanging on by a thread.


  1. Hehe.

    I always thought something similar when we were in the midst of some big renovation project. It was all consuming, and everything else falls off the map. Sometimes I even forget where I put the children.

    Also, hehe. Which two did D pick for his birthday?

  2. ha ha, I thought the same thing as Kristin. Poor I'm sure most of us can attest, at least he's in good company! :)

  3. Ouch. Maybe I suck a little bit. I get a half point for each of these... The "ladies" clean my house, but I keep it picked up and vacuumed in between visits (and I do the dishwasher, of course!); i don't cook dinner persay, but I do feed both children and myself--we just all eat different things; eh, fit and trim, not so much, and well-groomed half of the time; work part-time from home; I do the laundry, but not Jason's; and I can't say I would get high marks in the last category either, lol!

  4. Eek... I struggled with picking more than works full time.I am the parent that can forget to feed my kids if I'm not hungry and Dave's not home to cook...and I am not sure there has ever been a day when ALL of the laundry is put away! And fit, trim and well-groomed should not alone in the same choice! :).

  5. I'm quite lucky. I can handle "work-full time" and "laundry done and put away", and since Joel works from home, he does "work-full time" and "healthy dinner on the table at dinner time".

    Given the option, we definitely opt for sex over clean house.

  6. Take out pizza for me and E, house full of dog hair, and questionable sanity over here. The kid ate waffles and scrambled eggs for dinner (I can operate a toaster like woah, and scrambled eggs only dirty ONE PAN!) Sex life? umm, what?

    Epic fail.

    I need ladies. And a chef. And a trainer. And a husband who isn't studying until 3 am every night.

  7. LOL I like this, I completely agree!