Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Master Bedroom

The master bedroom is enormous, and I am still brainstorming ways to use the space efficiently.  And it still needs some furniture. But I'm also enjoying the luxury of having a king sized bed!

Here's the view from the doorway:

Here's a view of the bed straight on.  When we bought the house, the walls were seriously the same color as the carpet.  It was like being underwater.  In dark, cloudy water.  We painted the walls the most fabulous color.  It's Sherwin Williams Sea Salt.  It's this perfect blue-green color with gray in it.  It changes color in the light, but I like it whether it looks more blue or more green or more gray.  It made the room look so much bigger and made the (sort of teal-colored) carpet tolerable.

The duvet cover was purchased on sale at Pottery Barn, and it's stuffed with a duvet from Ikea.  We are still in need of a headboard and desperately in need of bedside tables--how klassy is the clip-on lamp on the windowsill?  I have big plans for making an upholstered, tufted headboard via a Pinterest tutorial.  (How hard can it be, right?  Yeah...  I may be waiting for Crafty Cousin Amanda to come in town and assist me.)

Oh--and the bedroom has stained glass windows like downstairs but square instead of rectangle!

Here's my makeshift bedside table.  Don't you love it?

I am sentimentally attached to this stool, which was my great-grandma's.  I bought the basket after the pile of books and magazines kept sliding off the stool. It does the job.  But I'm on the hunt for bedside tables.  I need to get serious and start going to some estate sales.  I'd also like to find a storage bench for the end of the bed?

All the coolest people in the world do crossword puzzles.  FYI.

Here's a view of the door and the original (teensy) closet:

We really need to get some stuff hung up on the walls.  David keeps nagging me about it but we just haven't done it yet.  Because sometimes decisions are really hard for me.

And here's another view of the room from the doorway:

Yeah, the room kind of stretches on forever.  When the family room was added to the first floor, they ran the addition up to the second floor, creating this little sitting room and a huge closet off the master bedroom.  My comfy reading chair makes for a great reading nook (when it doesn't have framed pictures sitting on it to keep them out of reach from a certain little someone whose parents can't manage to hang them up on the walls) but the color is glaringly out of place up here.  Eventually, I'd like to get a new chair for up here and move this one to the basement .  I'd consider recovering it, but that seems too difficult for me to DIY and expensive to have someone else do it.  (Although I've never priced it?  So maybe it's not as expensive as I think?)

The type of chair (chairs?) I get will depend on how we end up using this space.

I don't want it to just be wasted space.  I wouldn't mind having bookshelves and a permanent reading nook up here, but I'm not sure I want it to be a home office.  So... library?  Sitting room?  Yoga studio?  Meditation space?  (This would require me to start meditating.)  Not sure.

Unattractive laundry nook with unattractive curtains: Not permanent!
The curtains are the same on both sides.  They make me gag.   I want to put up Roman shades instead but the kind I want (lined to block the light) are spendy.  So we're dealing with rolling shades and the ugliest curtains beige known to man in the meantime.  Also the room holds our laundry baskets. #keepingitreal

The pocket doors lead to the ridiculously closet. Brace yourselves.  It's crazy big:

I KNOW, right?

Would you believe I still have mornings when I don't have a thing to wear.  #firstworldproblems

David's side is much tidier but that's just because all of this clothes are the same shape--shirts, pants, polo shirts, suit jackets.  I have since purchased him a belt hanger:

View from the doors:

Jewelry, scarves, shoes, and the ironing board line the back wall.

So... projects for the closet.  The window in here needs to be frosted.  In fact, that's been near the top of my to-do list since we moved in and instead we just keep standing nekkid in front of an open window (don't worry--there is no clear view into the second story window, but still it feels awkward).

The light fixture is kind of fun in theory but weird in execution.  I like the idea of having a fancy chandelier in a closet, but I'm not crazy about this particular one.  I'd rather have something princess-fancy, like with crystal drops.  I mean, if you're going to have a chandelier in a closet, you should go whole-hog, right?  My fantasy closet also includes a double-sided dresser in the center of the room, built-in shelves for shoes along the back wall, and a pink silk chaise lounge (I'm not sure where we'd put it, but my fantasy closet is simply incomplete without a pink silk chaise lounge.).

Right now, we're saving our pennies to Elfa it out (when the Elfa closet systems go on sale at the end of the year).  I'm not sure a pink chaise lounge will be in the budget (or in the design specifications for the space) but I know that we're lucky to have so much space and I want to be sure we use it as efficiently (and beautifully!) as possible.

So the master bedroom as a whole could definitely use some work, but it's is also lower on the priority list since most people don't see it and my eyes are closed the vast majority of the time I'm in here.  I'm casually-but-constantly hunting for those side tables--a hunt complicated by the fact I don't know quite what I want:  Two matching ones?  Unmatching ones?  Small dressers functioning as side tables?  There's enough space for that...  But then what style?  Do I try to match the wood of the dresser (even though I don't love the dresser?).  White?  Mirrored?  I don't know if mirrored tables are cool--I just love how fancy they look.  But really anything will be an improvement over a basket perched on a stool, right?


  1. I absolutely COVET your closet!!! Seriously, OMG that is fabulous!

  2. Wowsers.

    I was overwhelmed by the first closet photo because I thought you each had half a side.

    Then I scrolled down and saw the second photo and realized you each had your own side.

    That's impressive.

  3. I love the closet! We had small separate his and hers in our old house, but now we have a huge walk in closet over the garage and it has some built ins and each side has also shelving (for my shoes and bags, I love your hanging bags lol!)

    I also love the "sitting room" space. I bet you can totally make the master your own and awesome with time :)


  4. I sort of think your closet should be on Cribs. Mariah Carey's Cribs when she changed outfits 9 times to be exact.

    I do believe she would have a pink chaise.

  5. I've always wanted a "sitting room" in my master! So jealous.

    And that closet...I'm not even gonna comment! That's considered bedroom size sq footage where I'm living!

  6. The closet is insane! Wow! I love the lil reading nook you have ... Like a lil retreat! Waiting to see what more you want to make this into. Cant wait to see that tuffted headboard.

  7. Bedside tables. I spent a long, long time and many internet hours searching for one for L's room. We finally just purchased this one (Vettre nightstand):
    We didn't put the wheels on the bottom. It's made of metal and looks retro and is super funky, I think. And not a bajillion dollars like the only other ones I ever seemed to like. That might be an option for you. :)

  8. Just popped in from little bird (Angela's blog). Anyway, when you mentioned the blackout curtains, I thought I would mention our fix. I bought inexpensive Croatia curtain rods, some imitation dupioni silk curtains at Walmart, and black sheets. I don't sew, but my mom does, and I had her line the curtains with the black bed sheets. We close them at night and the room is pitch black, even most of the day too unless I open them. I bet you could do that with less expensive Roman shades that aren't blackout.

  9. I LOVE this tour of your house! I have zero suggestions, but I can't wait to see what you do!!