Thursday, August 8, 2013

Closet Art & Custom Paintings

I happened across this website, The Painted Arrow, a few days ago and decided that I needed this print to hang in my closet:

Isn't that adorable?  To bring a little zing to a shared closet?  I love it!  (It didn't hurt that it was on sale.)

I also noticed that she does custom paintings with flowers, lettering, quotations, names, etc.  The prices seem really reasonable ($35-100), depending size and specifications.  It made me think of the hand-lettered art my mom bought us after Eliza died.  We now have that print hanging on the gallery wall in our family room.  We also have Eliza's name written in the sand by CarlyMarie hanging in our living room, alongside the pencil portrait by Dana.  In a house already covered with photographs of the vivacious (and remarkably photogenic) Zuzu, it's important to me that Eliza have a presence on our walls, even if it's not ever going to be in proportion to the huge space she holds in our hearts.

Anyway, I like the whimsical little flowers and lettering of The Pointed Arrow's paintings and prints so much that I'm bookmarking the shop so I can ponder what quotation I might like to have customized, or if I'd like to do something with family names.  It could also make for a nice gift for someone.  I think having a custom painting done that incorporates your child's name would be sweet to hang in a nursery or bedroom, but for bereaved parents it could make for a really precious memorial.

(This lady doesn't know me from Adam and is not compensating me in anyway--I just wanted to share.)


  1. Aw this is really neat! What a nice thing to have!

  2. I've always loved Hillary's work.

  3. Blue Jeans, white shirt... oh how I love me some Lana Del Rey. Love it! ~M

  4. I started singing the Lana Del Rey song when reading the print. Which is funny bc I sang "Lavender's blue dilly dilly" too when reading the previous post title. Your blog is leading my poor dogs to have to put up with my off-hey but enthusiastic signing.