Friday, July 5, 2013

The Nursery

When you go to the top of our stairs, there's a small landing with four doors--Zuzu's room is the first one on the right.  One window overlooks the backyard, the other window looks at our neighbor's brick exterior (city houses are close together).  It gets lots of light and is a small, sunny space.  I love playing on the floor in here with Zuzu, and we read lots of books in the chair.

Here's what the room looked like BEFORE we bought the house, when it was a sad, neglected office space:

Beige box = blank slate!

You may remember the ceiling painting processed detailed here.  Here's a quick refresher:

We frog-taped. 
We painted.
We peeled off the frog tape.
After we did the ceilings, David put up trim to make a picture rail and I painted all the existing trim white.  In retrospect, I wish I would have painted the trim before I painted the walls.  I also wish I would have used Zissner's oil-based primer on the existing trim so I didn't have to sand it so much.  I used all zero-VOC paint, which is ideal for a nursery, but I'm a little worried about wear-and-tear and the wood bleeding through.  I guess we'll just see how it goes!

At any rate, here is what it looked like when the trim was finished, before the curtains were hung:

For details on the faux-capiz chandelier, you can read this post.  The center picture above her crib is missing in this photo because I spray-painted it white and was letting it off-gas outside for a couple of days before hanging it up.

Here we go--with the curtains in place:

You can't really see it here because of the glare, but the formerly-missing picture is the Sleeping Beauty print from the Fairytales for Hope project.  It's a new addition to this nursery--we never had the right spot for it at the old house, and I'm so glad to get it on the wall.  The other frames were all up at the old house, but a couple of them are new to the nursery.  It's nice to move things around because I notice and appreciate them more.

I sewed the curtains myself, using Michael Miller fabric I ordered online and black-out curtain material I purchased at Jo-Ann fabric with a 40% off coupon.  I put the two fabrics right-sides together and sewed around three sides, leaving the bottoms open.  Then I clipped them to the rods (I decided to make them as simple as possible, so I bought the clip-on curtain rings) and pinned up the the bottom so it was the right length.  Then I cut off the excess, folded them in, and sewed the bottom hem.  

What I don't love about them is that the black-out material is so thick it prevents the curtains from hanging really nicely--they look kinda bulky because they are kinda bulky.  What I do love about them is that they make the room nice and dark.  I think they've helped immensely with improving her nighttime sleeping.

I used the same fabric to make her crib bumper (by which I mean, I cut out the rectangles and provided the fabric to Crafty Cousin Amanda, who sewed it for me).  This picture is poorly lit, and was taken with my phone, but you get the idea:

The outside of the bumper is the same as the curtains, but running horizontally instead of vertically.  The inside of the bumper is a soft gray with white polka dots.  I decided that when Zuzu is in bed, I didn't want her to see such a busy and stimulating print.  The ceiling is stimulating and busy enough!

The chair sits to your left when you walk in the door:

My favorite thing about the little reading nook might be the framed print hanging under the shelves.  It just feels like a fun little surprise at that level.  I reused all the art from her old nursery, but I prefer the way we've displayed it here (and I'm not just saying that!  Of course, there were so many mixed emotions in the old nursery, that might be part of the reason I like this one better.  Or it could be the kick-ass ceiling...).  I also added my "Happiness is a form of courage" framed print there in the center.  It was in the hall at the old house, but it feels right to have it in the nursery here.  You can maybe see that the bottom 8x10 white frame looks weird--that's because we haven't put anything in it yet.  I am going to put her birth announcement in here instead of smaller frame it was in, but I had to get a mat for it.

This corner is diagonal from the chair:

I still need to paint the vent so that it's coral to match the stripe.  You can see all of her hair bows and headbands next to the closet.  I considered putting them inside the closet so it wasn't so messy/busy in that corner, and sometimes I wish that I would have, but it works just fine there and they are definitely easier to access.  Same changing table, and I kept the art above the changing table the same because I love its story.

Here's the door:

The stitched sign on her door reads "Let her sleep, for when she wakes she will move mountains."  We had it on the door of her first nursery as well.  

You can probably tell that the scale of the room is small.  It's slightly smaller than her old nursery, but I like the layout better because it's almost a perfect square instead of being a kind of weird rectangle.  I think the major difference is that the closet door in the old room was two bifold doors and here it's a single small door.  The closet itself is smaller which gives us slightly less storage space, but in the old house half her closet was also the coat closet, so it doesn't feel like we have less room here since we don't have to keep our coats in the nursery!  Also I can use the closet in her "big girl room" for overflow (I keep a bin in there for outgrown clothes and it also holds clothes in the next size up).  So this suits our needs just fine for now:

Man, I love her little clothes.

So that's the nursery.  It's the only room in the house that's actually complete, although eventually we want to pull up the carpet in all the upstairs rooms to refinish the hardwood floors underneath. Aside from that, it's nice to have one room we can cross off the list.


  1. Wow, we've lived in our house for seven years and I'm not sure I would classify any room as complete. I love the nursery! It looks really beautiful and cute at the same time. Her organized closet looks awesome. I love all the quotes and pictures and artwork!

  2. Oh you need to reader re-design this to John and Sherry stat. It's so adorable.

    My favorite though is the hanging on the door. I had the same saying as a wall decal about the crib for Cale and Finn at our GA home.

    Just love everything. Well done.

  3. I agree with Caroline. Get that to J&S, stat! This is one of the most unique rooms for kiddos and it's done by your hand (well, David too!).

    It's gorgeous and I love looking at these photos over and over. Delightful and perfect for Zuzu. Makes me want to make curtains (hahaha) instead of just velro-ing (I know...) black-out shade material to his windows.

  4. I A-DORE this room. Sincerely it is absolutely breathtaking and such a wonderful place for Zuzu to be. Down to the little details, I mean the bumper? Beautiful rainbow on the outside and calming gray with white polka dots on the inside, perfect. This is awesome.

    Btw, how in the WORLD do you find time for these projects?!! Do you sleep?!

  5. Yes I third what Caroline and Brandi are saying--YHL that nursery now! That ceiling is SO amazing! The whole dang thing makes me happy!

  6. <3 Love Caroline's room! :)

  7. So wonderful! Can't wait to see it in person! ;D

  8. Wow! The nursery turned out so sweet and lovely (just like Zuzu).

  9. Such an amazing ceiling project that truly makes that Nursery stand out. Bravo honey!

  10. Love how you painted the ceiling, it seems like a professional paintor did the job.