Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Powder Room IN YOUR FACE

Because I'm more than happy to accommodate requests from blog readers, and because I should use some of the special functions of my fancy camera (note: not that I use them well--I'm pretty sure there's a thing called "white balance" of which I know nothing), here are some detail shots of the powder room.

You're welcome.

(Sidenote:  Does anyone else watch Awkward on MTV?  David mocks me for it, and I know it's totally embarrassing, but I like it.  Nerdy blogger girl publicly humiliates herself, lands cute boyfriend anyway?  That's my kind of narrative.)

If you missed the non-details photos of the powder room, it looks like this:

And here are the close-ups:

Floor tile:
The grout is dark gray, not filthy.  Or, possibly, dark gray and filthy.  The point being it's dark gray so you can't tell.  I think it's cute, although now that I look at this close up, I kind of want to give it a really good scrub down with a bristle brush instead of just mopping it.
 The wall tile:
This picture is deceiving because it may appear that the small stripe and top stripe are slightly different shades of aqua, but they are not.  Blame the bad lighting/crappy photographer.  This grout is off white and looks slightly dingy.  I say that gives it character.  Yes?  No?
 Soap dish:
Previously broken and repaired.  I totally forgot about covering it with a bar of soap before the party.  There was a liquid soap pump in the bathroom for people to wash their hands.  I just meant to cover the cracked dish.  Oh well.  It's all part of the bathroom's quirky charm, right?
Tray on the back of the toilet:

Speaking of quirky charm, here's a bingo tray I bought at Target in the fancy little aisle of candles and cute tape near the greeting cards that makes me want to buy everything that is $12.99.  Target knows that $12.99 is my weakest price point--it's just low enough to make me think I should buy whatever it is, but high enough that DAMN I've suddenly spent an assload of money at Target.  Again.  Oh, Target.  You get me every time.  This purchase was a good investment, though, because it makes me happy every time I pee in here.
Wall hanging:

Closer shot of the canvas.  It's printed and stitched and has different materials.  It's a weird little thing, but I still find it appealing.
Detail shot!  I think this bug gives it a little edge, no?
Okay.  Now I think we're ready to move on from the powder room.  I took down party decorations today, so I need to take some photos of the house in its normal/totally unfinished state. 


  1. I really like the floor tile! And the wall art, although the bug freaks me out a tiny bit! :) And LOVE the bingo tray! So adorable!


    I was really excited to see the floor tile and I really love it.

    I'd like to think gray grout and not filthy. That's what I tell myself about ours.

    Thumbs up. Such a cute, unique little poo palace. :)

  3. p.s. I (embarrassingly and willingly out myself) watch Top Model. Of course I can't be juvenile to call it America's Next Top Model bc then I would feel really, really pathetic.