Friday, July 19, 2013

Kitchen Curtains

I need to post some more of my house tour...  I have so many potential projects rattling around in my head and I need to find a starting place.  I'm also in a place where my desires do not match my budget (this actually seems to be a lifelong problem for me), so I'm also trying to figure out how much I want to do NOW and how much I should just wait on until we can save up enough money for what I really want.  What will I regret more?  Putting in a whole lot of time and energy only to un-do it later (if, say, we actually renovate the kitchen) or living with it like it is until that far-off day when we've finally saved up enough money to, say, renovate the kitchen.

Just writing it out like that answered my own question:  I need to make changes I like now.  I can still make changes I like better later, but there's no point in waiting.

Of course my git 'er done plans are complicated by the fact that I go back to work in just five short weeks (!).  I have to say, summer has been wonderful and I haven't missed working at all (although I have also enjoyed my "working" afternoons when I've been meeting up with a friend in my department to work on our syllabi at the library or coffee shops), except we've been so much busier than I imagined.  Lots of driving to see friends and family and hosting family here, which is great, but also means I'm not doing things like making a curtain for the bathroom window upstairs.

The other complication is that I'm working on a shoestring budget.  My discretionary spending is severely cramped by the fact that our old house ended up not selling...  I don't think I mentioned that on here (probably because I was too busy pulling out my hair and gnashing my teeth) but the sale fell through two days before closing.  It was basically the worst-case scenario, which just goes to show that the universe really loves to screw us over.  I mean WHY should I ever assume that things will work out the way I want them to?  Why would anything go according to plan in my life?

And I don't mean to compare this house debacle to losing Eliza--there is no comparison and I'd happily pay two mortgages for the rest of my life if it meant I got to have both my babies here.  I know that in the long run "it's only money."

But dammit, I have a new house that I want to decorate and furnish (why are side tables so expensive?  I mean seriously) and it freaking sucks to be paying a whole lot of money every month for a house we're no longer living in.

(Anyone want to buy a cute little house in the city?  We'll give you a great deal.)

Enough of my first world problems, owning two homes and whatnot.  If only one of them were on a beach instead of roughly two miles from the other one, I would be super stoked about it.

So I go from being hopeful it will sell to be totally pessimistic and convinced it will never sell.  Along those same lines, I'm either obsessively reading home decor and DIY blogs or avoiding them completely because they make me want to buy things I can't afford.  And then I settle for making lists:  "House Projects to be done when the other house sells" and "House Projects we can do now."  The first one is considerably longer.

Right now, I'm trying to be a little bit Pollyanna about it and basically I'm going to do the most budget-friendly (read: cheap) things I can do and try to get the biggest bang for my buck.  I may be using cardboard boxes as side tables, but you know how it is.  Work with whatcha've got.

In that vein, I sewed some curtains for the kitchen.  And they turned out okay.  I'm still afraid they look a little...  I don't know...  Eighth-grade home-ec?  (As opposed to "professional custom-made").  But I think they're an improvement over what was there and I still like the material and the pop of color:

Choosing the red ribbons was not an easy choice.  I originally thought I'd use turquoise, but it just didn't look right.  So then I dug out some other contenders.

I decided I liked red the best (my mixer is also red), but had to buy ribbon that wasn't too skinny or too fat.

So now the kitchen looks like this:

(Of course I didn't take a before picture from this angle, and in the previous pictures you can't see the curtains because of the window lighting but they were white and lacy and you can kinda see them here).

I'm not sure these will be my forever-window-treatments, but the fabric cost $16 total, the ribbon cost $9, and after measuring and cutting one evening after Zuzu was in bed (I didn't have a pattern--I just cut the fabric to fit the windows and hemmed it), I was able to whip them up during her (conveniently longer than usual) afternoon nap the following day.

Total investment:  $25 and approximately 3 hours, not counting time spent pondering the ribbon color choice.  This is only the tip of the iceberg of things I want to change in the kitchen.  But at least it's a start!


  1. Fantabulous! Will you sew mine? ~M

  2. 25 bones? Yeah. Wise choice. Looks great.

    Also <>

  3. Umm I did not I tend to type "also <>" I tried to be witty and said also < insert comment from B. Wilson about your raddish soap >

    But instead it looks like I tried to creepy and write "also vagina symbol"

    Ok, this is going down the wrong path.

  4. I lol'd at Caroline's comment because I don't know what the HECk she's talking about. (I didn't know that WAS a vagina symbol!! Ha!)

    But it's 4 in the morning and I'm having yet another night where I just can't seem to sleep after the middle of the night feed...(of course Theo went down without a fight and is making little to no noise, and I lay awake. Wonderful) and I think your curtains are cute! I like the pop of colour.

    Sorry to hear about the house. That sucks big time :(

  5. I am too busy lol'ing at Caroline sending you vagina symbols.

    Also, <>


    Curtains looks great. Didn't know about the other house selling, that sucks... But at least you can say you own, "properties!".

  6. Those look fantastic!!! I really love them!

  7. Love your curtains! And so true...when you write it out, things start falling into the right place.
    Hoping your house sells faster and you are back to your usual self. Thinking about money and budget is too me!

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