Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Return to Zero

I posted a while back about the film Return to Zero and the Kickstarter project that I joined to help ensure that a film nobody should want to see about a life nobody should have to live would get finished and released.

The Kickstarter project was successful.  The film has been completed.

This is an essay written by the writer and producer of Return to Zero, Sean Hanish.  (Thanks, Laura, for the link.)  It makes me want to see the film I don't want to see because it's so exactly right.



  1. I feel exactly the same way. I recently submitted a donation so Jack can be mentioned in the credits. It makes me cry to think about all the babies (100 families, I think?) who are missing their babies... But makes me proud to think his name will be up there, too.

    Conflicting emotions, but UGH, I love this movie already even though I know it's going to be hard to watch.

  2. Thanks for sharing this with us, Brooke. That write - up is a huge tearjerker!!
    Miss my little one so very much!

  3. Wow, that was all so well put. So exactly what I'm feeling, have felt, and I'm sure Daniel is in the same boat.

    I really liked how he talked about his relationship with his wife. Things-are-different. And it's so true that some days it's just so much harder to be in the relationship, because fact of the matter is LIFE is so much harder. When you go through hell and back, you're not often the same people... in life or to each other.

    Thank you Brooke for this