Friday, June 28, 2013

Powder Room

I have a few [million] errands to run and things to do before The Big Par-tay tomorrow (which really isn't that big, but might be a real par-tay, if my sangria recipe turns out).  But my parents are here, which gives me a lot of free time since they keep Zuzu thoroughly entertained.  She's really discovered The Wonder of Grandparents and burst into tears this morning when Grammy left the room.

Anyway, this gives us a little time to take a peek into the powder room!  Also it's an easy room to talk about, because it's super tiny:

The previous owners painted the wall to match the turquoise/aqua stripes of the tile.  I would have matched it a little closer, personally, but it's not bad.  I originally thought I would stencil some kind of trellis pattern (like this) and I actually purchased that stencil but then now that seems really hard.  And I'm not as interested at this point.  Maybe because the rug is sort of enough for me?  The wall hanging is kind of a random mixed-media canvas that I picked up years ago at Urban Outfitters and had hanging in the guest bedroom at the old house before it became a nursery.  I still like it, and I was pleased by the way it fits in here--the hole in the wall for hanging something was already there!

One thing about the room is that the fixtures are bright white while the tiles are kind of a creamy off-white.  The rug and the wall-hanging blend those colors quite well.  The hand towel is a cute little chevron from Kohl's, but I also purchased hand towels to match the rug (from my favorite French boutique: Target).

Below is a slightly different view, with the light on.

The light is nothing special, and I probably would like to switch that out down the line.  I don't have anything in mind, but I think in a tiny room like this, it's nice when all the details are special.  I mean, there's not a whole lot else going on in here.

Speaking of special details, please note the wastebasket in the photo above.  It's actually a wicker planter.  That one of our neighbors put out by the dumpster.  What can I say?  It fits perfectly and is obscure and inoffensive.  And now you know my secret for accessorizing my home.  #nottooproudtodumpsterdive  #trashtotrashcan

The window glass is textured/frosted for privacy and doesn't require a window treatment.  It's so narrow that I think one would look weird anyway.  I need to get an actual bar of soap on the built-in soap dish.  If for no other reason than to cover up the crack from where it was obviously broken and repaired at some point in time.  I love the compact little sink.  One thing I'm not crazy about is the mirror.  I can't decide what really bugs me--the decorative etching or the oak trim.  I would like to switch it out (or maybe paint the trim?) at some point.

The powder room is tucked behind the kitchen and after living with one bathroom for many years, having two and A HALF feels positively luxurious, even if the half bath is a little bitsy one.

Update:  For a closer look at tile and such, see this post.


  1. I missed this room on the first tour. It's really very cute, and of course I love the colors. I think you're right on to skip the stencil.

    You should add a close up of the floor tiles to this post. They look cool from a distance.

  2. Cute! I want a close up of the tile. We have old tiles upstairs (did you notice?) and I love them, even though they are dated.

    I would definitely paint the mirror trim white.

    Also, save the cute stuff from the trash! Nice job!

  3. I want a close up of the art piece, it looks really cool!

  4. Very nice! :) I like the turquoise with the white & the brown wood.

  5. I love it! I really like the colors and how it utilizes the space very well; the clean pedestal sink with no details because there's plenty elsewhere.

  6. I really like the colors...Even your hand soap matches! I'm glad you held off on stenciling. It would have looked really busy, possibly overwhelming. Right now it is charming and everything works so well together.

  7. This is very cute. This is almost our ONE bathroom exactly, except there's a tub/shower across from the sink/toilet. I don't know what I would do (great, great things) with 2.5. What I can tell you is that you never want a stomach bug to run through your 1 bathroom house.