Monday, May 20, 2013

Some Happy Little Things

I've been doing a lot of fretting and stewing and stressing and grading and other un-fun things, so I thought a nice change of pace would be to write about some things that are making me happy.

* Zuzu is a rock star walking behind her new Radio-flyer push wagon.  She walks with an open-mouth grin and is very proud of herself.  (I wanted to post a picture, but they are on David's phone.)

* Zuzu's hair is growing in a little bit, and she has a nice bit of golden-brown fuzz, with little wings above her ears.  No sign of bangs! 

*  Zuzu in general was SO much fun this weekend, after a really difficult week.  I realize now that a lot of what made last week so stressful were actually symptoms of her ear infection--she didn't feel good, and that made life (and sleep) hard on everyone.  Now that she is back to her cheerful little self, everything (including bedtime) is SO MUCH easier.  (Giving her meds is not any easier--she still thrashes, spits, and screams.  I got a mouthful of sticky medicine sprayed/spat in my face this morning.  Awesome.)

*  End of semester grading was made more bearable by having a little "grading party" in the Academic Success Center with a couple of my favorite colleagues AND I discovered a new style of pen I love.  (It's the little things.)

* We are (temporarily) getting HBO and that means... Game of Thrones!

* Some of my students said sweet things on their (anonymous) end-of-semester surveys.  One non-traditional student told me in person that I have great "pizazz."  That just shows you how much being a professor is actually about being an actor.  I have no pizazz in real life.  

* I not-so-secretly love wearing the faculty regalia for graduation.  I sort of wish American universities were like Oxford and we wore regalia for teaching.  Okay, not really.  But I like it because I feel like I'm teaching at Hogwarts when I wear it and students call me "Professor."

* Zuzu's Uncle Bubs (my brother) is coming to see us this weekend!  He gets in on Thursday and then we're road-tripping to a family reunion at a campground/lodge in the middle of nowhere.  Crafty Cousin Amanda and I are bringing our sewing machines.  I have big plans!  I am planning a post about my project, assuming it works out okay...

* I'm still plugging away at my Read 100 Books Project.  I got through two this weekend (staying up late to read).  I'm all about the Maisie Dobbs series by Jacqueline Winspear.  Maisie Dobbs is a psychologist and private investigator living in post-WWI London.  What's amazing about the books is that they give you a good mystery, but they also deal very poignantly with the realities of trauma, grief, and the particular struggles of that historical moment.  Really good stuff.

* I've also been listening to Z - A Novel of Zelda Fitzgerald on my commute.  It's a great performance by the reader of the audio book, which is important (I have returned audio books because the voice of the reader grates on me) and it makes me want to re-read some Fitzgerald, and read some of Zelda's short stories.  (And yes, I'm counting the handful of audio books I'm listening to this year as part of my Read 100 Books goal.  You can call it cheating if you want, but I make the rules and I feel fine about it.  I think it balances out the fact that I'm NOT counting all of the essays and epic poetry that I read for teaching purposes.)

* It finally feels like summer here.  Of course it got hot really quickly and we didn't have much of a spring to speak of, but after way too many April and May days with highs in the 50s, it's lovely to finally get some use out of a summer wardrobe that went unworn last year due to pregnancy and postpartum sizes not fitting.  It almost feels like I have a bunch of new clothes!

* I'm thinking about exercising.  I'm not ACTUALLY doing much exercising (besides walking on nice days) but after failing dismally at my 30 Day Shred challenge (I got a cold and gave up on others after eight days--Jillian is very disappointed in me), I'm finally feeling motivated to think about exercising again.  Could have something to do with my arms in sleeveless shirts...

* David is making fajitas for dinner tonight.

* The new washing machine has a "sanitize" setting that is so awesome for cloth diapers.  (Edited to add: OMG! I called Cotton Babies to inquire about the sanitize setting, and it is totally NOT recommended.  So back to my cold rinse + hot wash + occasional extra rinse.  Glad I only ran one sanitize cycle (we'd been disposable diapering for over a week due to the move and then a nasty diaper rash that required prescription ointment that was not cloth-diaper friendly.  Oh well, it still feels cleaner to wash them in a new washing machine.) 

* Last night was the first night in a full month that David and I sat together on the sofa at 8pm and watched some TV before we went to bed.  Every other night has been non-stop projects or work from dinner time to bedtime.  It was really, really nice, and we definitely needed it.


  1. Fun things going on! :)

    I wanted to ask, is the sanitize setting ok for cloth diapers? We have one and I thought I read not to use it as it is too hot and over time will ruin the diapers. We have mostly BumGenius AIO's and FuzziBunz pockets.


  2. Have you read the play The Last Flapper by William Luce? I love it so much-- I performed it in college, and totally wanted to be Zelda in real life, too. Speaking of-- the Gatsby Garden Party line at Baby Gap is too too too cute right now.

  3. Um I need to know about this new awesome pen you found. I know I'm a geek, but I love a good pen! Glad there are some happy things going on. I mean really people shouldn't underestimate a good couch session of dvr. It's the little things :)

  4. So glad the sleeping is getting better!! I find that it comes in phases. There will be both good and bad so that is always reassuring when you are in a bad phase - eventually it will change and get good again. LB used to be terrible about taking medicine. A lot of what you describe - thrashing, kicking, spitting. Not fun. He's good about it now. What would help me when I was on my own and didn't have D to help me hold him down was to put her in her car seat. That way he was still. I would use one hand to keep his arms down and then the other arm to insert the medicine. It really helped!!! Just a tip. Enjoy your fajitas. YUM!!!

  5. Hurray for good things! I am so glad Zuzu is feeling better. We are veterans of many ear infections, and I know they aren't, in the larger scheme of things, a big deal, but they wiped me out and I was so glad when we finally made it through a winter without any.

  6. It's the little things, I love to hear about the happinesses going on with you.

  7. ha! i was just about to comment about the "sanitize setting" when i read your update. yep, you have to wash those CD the "old school" way. :)

  8. What's the pen?!?!?!