Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Hula Girl

Oh, I'm tired.  It's late and we had a long weekend camping (well, my version of camping--it requires air conditioning and indoor plumbing) and I'm still working this week because there are so many faculty meetings and plans to make for the fall semester.  Zuzu's not sleeping well and it's already almost Wednesday and we are heading to my parents' for this weekend so I really have no idea where the time is going.

I want to post about last weekend--Family Weekend at the campground--and I want to post about some of the crafty stuff I crafted (or helped to craft), but there's just no time for that right now because I can't stop yawning.

So I leave you with pictures of our little Hula girl (who will be ELEVEN MONTHS OLD tomorrow CAN YOU BELIEVE IT?  I cannot.).

Peeking through the doors. Her "sandals" are from Belles & Beaus--a little store in my home town.  They are super simple and totally adorable--stretchy ribbon around the ankle and a flower on top of the foot.

It was so humid today that her little wisps of hair curled.  

Oh yeah.  She thinks she's hot stuff when she holds on with just one hand.

And she can do NO HANDS, but that requires a look of intense concentration.
I love how she sort of looks like she's learning to hula while wearing a sweet hand-me-down Hawaiian dress from her cousin Taylyn.  Shake it, sister!


  1. Adorable! Go Zuzu! 11 months today - where did the time go? I've started my countdown to return to work (very big sigh) and can't believe it's been almost a year already.

  2. Oh, such cuteness. :) LOVE the dress & shoes, and especially that first photo!

  3. Definitely getting cocky about the one hand standing! ha! :)

    Looking beautiful as always ZU!! And 11 months is just... bananas!