Thursday, April 4, 2013


Okay, so we brought our metaphorical sunshine home with us (pictured extensively below), but let me tell you.  I am missing the warmth of that desert sun.  50 degrees is so not cutting it.  Our mini-vacation (I declare anything shorter than a week to be "mini" in terms of vacation) to Arizona was so exactly perfect and although I will no longer discuss the weather because I swear find weather talk superbly boring (and yet! I love to talk about it!), suffice it to say that Arizona in March = Awesome.  Missouri in March = Total Hit or Miss; This Year It's a Miss.

We stayed with my aunt and uncle in Scottsdale, and my parents also joined us a day later to get their Zuzu fix.  The time we spent was just the right combination of doing things and doing nothing.  We had plenty of mornings to soak up sunshine on the patio (I read two books!) and plenty of time to go shopping and hiking and out to dinner.  We had a yummy Easter brunch.  We watched a ball game.  We played at the park.  We took countless pictures of Zuzu being adorable in various sun hats.  It was a complete win as far as spring break getaways go (not so much for David's favorite teams, unfortunately, but he managed to have a good time anyway).

You'll forgive me if some of these pictures are repeats for my Instagram-followers (Zuzu has many non-technologically advanced fans who don't get the benefit of her adorable face on their smartphones and thus rely on the blog).  Here is the photo-illustrated version of our vacation:

The welcome banner that greeted us upon arrival! 
Zuzu was delighted to meet Aunt Peggy!

At a spring training game.  I love how she's looking at her Dada in this picture.  I also love the dude in tie-dye.
Getting sleepy at the ballgame. She eventually napped (reluctantly) in the stroller.

Oh, yeah.  I do this kind of thing all the time now. You know, pull myself up and stand around. I'm kind of a big deal.  

Cute Easter bunny & cute baby.

Baby naps while Mommy shops = Perfect Afternoon

toys! are! fun!

She was soooo well-behaved when we went out to dinner. She sat in the high chair and entertained herself with toys and then with my bracelet.  The food was great and we were sitting outside.  

Dinner that night was at the Four Seasons Resort at Troon North--where I worked once up on a time as a pool attendant. I confess--it's much more fun to visit the resort as a dinner guest.

Kisses for Grammy.

Getting in the spirit for the Cardinals and D-Backs game

Zuzu and Mama getting ready to hike Pinnacle Peak.

The only thing more fun than toys?  Toys out on the patio!

Showing off her standing skills for Grammy and Gramps.

Don't you wish you were as glam as Zuzu? (Yes, I am framing this one for sure.) #modelmaterial

Family picture on Easter.

Pulling up!

And standing around. #hotshot

Working her core.

Hanging out with AZ cousins.
Stroller walk became our naptime routine. #whateverworks

Taking a stand against sleep. (It didn't last long.)

Going down the mini-slide with Dada. She liked it so much, we decided to take on the big slide! Mama understimated how fast we would zip down.

Zuzu and Mama.

What is this green stuff?  (AstroTurf)

Uh, you guys... this is weird.

Not sure what to think about this "grass."

Baby feet. 
Ready for a ballgame!

outside Chase field
Dada and his little Cardinal fan.

hanging with Gramps and Grammy at the game 

Family photo

In the Ergo (a brief nap during the game)

Watching fireworks with Grammy
Just a wee bit tired.


  1. A-dorable! Looks like fun and I love all the hats. ~Missy

  2. Lovely post. And beautiful pictures. For a moment I felt like being with you guys. Wish we could run out of stl as well. Cant stand this weather anymore.

  3. Sunshine, indeed! Look at that gorgeous, glam Zuzu! Thanks for sharing these pictures - they are day-brightening.

  4. Love the photos!!
    Cute Easter bunny, cute baby....and holy hot mama! You look great Brooke!

    I can't wait for that kind of weather to be the everyday norm here. I love spring sunshine. Something about clean air and bright rays makes me want to love life (I used to embrace it all a little easier before ... Well, dot dot dot).

    Anytime you want to photo bomb your blog with pix of your adorable kid, feel free! Love it!

  5. As one of those "many non-technologically advanced fans who don't get the benefit of her adorable face on their smartphones and thus rely on the blog," I thank you for the photos. ;) She is, as always, adorable. :)

  6. What a nice trip!

    Also, I totally envy your fashion sense! You always look fabulous.

  7. Love the welcome banner. I would tell you all the pictures I love but literally after every picture, I was like oh but I love that one too. So pretty much, I just love them all!