Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Old House New House

Things I Will Miss About This House
- white painted trim
- crown moulding
- the paint colors (especially the cute stripes in the bathroom)
- the close proximity of everything I need
- main floor laundry
- the breezy back room
- my built-in bookshelves

Things I Will Not Miss About This House
- the scarcity of kitchen storage space
- laundry in the kitchen (yeah... I love it and I hate it)
- lack of closet space (we have no coat closet!)
- one bathroom
- no guest room
- the roaring loud furnace and AC
- no basement during tornado warnings
- the damn smoke alarm in the hall that shouts TESTING TESTING EVACUATE SMOKE IN THE HALLWAY EVACUATE at the most random and inopportune times
- the noisy of the washer and dryer
- the mediocre dishwasher
- the microwave turntable that doesn't turn
- the sketchy neighbors on across the alley and to the left

Things I Love About the New House
- stained glass windows in several rooms
- an arched front door
- two and a half bathrooms
- a full laundry room (with sink!) that is unfinished but very fix-up-able
- a huge-ass closet in the master bedroom
- fancy new washer and dryer (I am so lame that I'm excited about this)
- great neighborhood (and friendly neighbors)
- proximity to park, Target, library, and frozen yogurt place (Ted Drewes!)
- fireplace in the living room
- new paint colors
- original hardwood floors
- kitchen storage space!
- mail slot next to the front door (as opposed to a mail box)

Things I'm Not Sure About in the New House
- dark oak trim (I totally love white trim, but the oak is original and it's in good shape and I think it would be kind of a sacrilege to paint it.  So...  I guess we live with oak trim and try to like it?)
- laundry in the basement (the basement is finished so it's not like a creepy cellar, and I'm happy to have a full-sized laundry room instead of a cabinet in the kitchen, but still--I'll no longer be able to switch loads from washer to dryer while watching Zuzu each Cheerios and waiting for my hot water to boil for tea the way I do now...  It will be an adjustment.)
- no island/bar in the kitchen (it has a spot for a small table and chairs, but it's not quite the same)
- carrying a vacuum up and down stairs (I suggested we get one for each floor; David looked at me like I was crazy, but I stand by this as a Good Idea.)
- very small backyard (it's big enough for chickens, and a small garden, and it has a little concrete patio, but it's still very small)
- the brass surround on the fireplace (I'm brainstorming a solution for this one)
- the small sitting room off the master bedroom (I just don't want it to be a waste of space, but I can't see myself spending much time there.  Yet I don't think I want to make a mini-office in our bedroom...)
- crawling baby with lots of stairs

None of these things are deal breakers (obviously) and anything that is quirky in the new house I know will be well-worth the additional room and the perfect neighborhood.  But you know how it is with change... change is hard.  I need to be giving myself pep talks.  We have such a routine here, and even though I'm frequently aggravated that I have to unpack the cheese grater, oatmeal, blender, and mixing bowls to access our largest cooking pot, there are also intangible conveniences to having such a compressed space (I can empty the dishwasher, fold the laundry, fill up a water glass, and microwave popcorn while standing in the exact same spot in my kitchen).  I just know how things work here, and I don't know how things will work there.  So many floors!  So many stairs!

OK.  Really I'm just feeling a little nervous and nostalgic.  I teared up last night as I rocked Zuzu in her nursery...  I love that room and I hate it a little bit but I mostly love it and she won't remember it...  and it is hard to leave a house that witnessed such heartbreak and such happiness.  And Eliza's tree will bloom even though we're not here.  I kind of feel like David and I grew up in this house, and while there are a few moments I'd like to forget entirely, it's hard to leave behind a place that witnessed so much of our mutual history.  I know we're taking all the important things with us--and the most important things aren't things at all--but, yeah.  Lots of complicated emotions.

On top of the stress of actually trying to get all our stuff moved.

And I'm not sure what to do with oak trim.  I mean really.

On the bright side?  I guess I'll get some exercise running up and down stairs to launder diapers...


  1. Ha. Have fun with the diaper laundry! That ended up being the dealbreaker for me. You'll probably have better luck since you are already in the habit though.

    I definitely understand how it must be bittersweet.

    I hope you end up loving the new house!

    The vacuum idea sounds splendid to me. Or put David in charge of vacuuming the other floor and he is responsible for carrying the vacuum up and returning it back down for you.

  2. I love the vacuum idea too.

    And I completely understand the nostalgia. It's like saying goodbye to an old friend.

  3. I felt like I read my sentiment from June 2012 when moved.

    Are your stairs carpeted? Ours were. Miles was the only to vacuum them. And I second Angie's suggestion.

  4. As I sit in my tiny 2 bed/1 bath house and want to move (someday...) I know that when the time comes, I will feel so much of these same mixed emotions. This house is not ideal, but it's ours and our babies grew here and we are all here now. But of course we make new spaces our own too and Eliza will come with you and have her place in your new home. I wish it was sharing a room with beautiful stained glass windows with her sister.

    I love that Eliza's tree will bloom even though you are not there. There is a special enduring love feel to that. We still talk about (and drive by sometimes) houses where my parents and grandparents grew up. Someday Zuzu will drive by your old house and tell her kids, "That's where we lived when I was born." And they will admire Eliza's beautiful tree.

  5. I have a lot to say (shocker).

    Our old house had zero kitchen storage and no coat closet. I don't know how we did it, looking back.
    And you've lived with no basement and one bathroom?!? You are a better woman than me. I'd be a ball of anxiety over those.

    I'm jealous of your stained glass. We have lots of arched doorways and I still look at them all the time and love them. Your huge-ass closet will never get old (ours hasn't). And the fireplace is fabulous too (I think so even though fires scare G).

    You must get two vacuums. We had two in our old house (our new house doesn't have a finished basement) and it IS a Very Good Idea.

    I hate our marble around our fireplace. It's on the long list of things that need to be done. So I'm looking forward to your fireplace makeover.

    Yay for new beginnings. (I cried when we moved too.)

  6. Nothing crazy about multiple vacuums! I hate carrying them up/down and don't :)

    Also, I would love a sitting room for toys off my bedroom, so the kids would have something to do while I shower/ get dressed when they are dangerous little toddlers!

  7. I totally get this. We moved when LB was 18 months old and I had so many mixed feelings about it. There was sadness at our old house from all the infertility struggles but it's also where we got our referral for LB and the place we went to when getting off the plane from Ethiopia. He was a baby at the old house. BUT... I love our new house and all the memories we are making here and soon your new house will just start feel like your house, ya know. Good luck with all the packing! I truly believe moving is one of the most stressful things EVAH!!! Soon it will be done!

  8. I would love a sitting room off the bedroom now but never thought I would when the kids were younger! Think cozy chairs and a lamp. It would be so nice to have a space that is just mine now that the kids are older and have taken over the rest of the house.

    Multiple vacuums = genius.

    The house sounds beautiful! I hope you post pictures (when you are settled, of course!)

  9. Add me to the chorus of people who think two vacuums are a good idea. Our current rental has the laundry right off the kitchen and N was giving it the stink-eye when we moved in, but it's awfully convenient for me.

    Moving, even when it's a good thing, is stressful, and you've been through a lot in your old place. It's okay to miss it and be stressed out and probably a really good idea to give yourself lots of pep talks.

  10. Yep. Get two vacuums. We have 3. If you count the shopvac that is the basement vacuum. One for each level.

    I also have the same issue with molding. Ours is dark oak stained through the whole house except two bedrooms. Not my bedroom. But I just can't bear to paint it. I love clean, white molding, but oak is a part of this house... so we keep it. It's classy, just not as clean. Totally get it.

    Also, sometimes I wish everything was on the same level, but then we love the space to spread out and make noise downstairs while the baby is asleep upstairs. But man would it be nice to get past those baby gates to get upstairs when B is awake. But I can't. Things start to pile up to go upstairs... random things like dental floss, laundry, fingernail clippers, etc.

    Embrace the stairs. At first I was super against it, but a crawling baby loves stairs. We have a baby gate keeping the babe at bay, but when that gate opens, he runs for the hills and up those stairs. It's a good activity for a busy-bee and of course I mean that if you're standing right behind them, obvi. I don't just let B hightail it up there without me monitoring.

    I am SO excited to see photos.

  11. Also, I have a sitting room off the bedroom which is the office we never ever use. And my laundry hanger thing.

    I still don't know what to think of it, but it makes our master bedrooms enormoussss.

    p.s. I am curding these captcha codes, but I understand you're trying to mitigate the spammer. Damn spammers make me crazy.

  12. We've moved twice in the last three years and now in this house it's a place that she never was. Moving last summer when the he was one totally crushed me. I loved that condo, it was my safe place (we left it for 5 years and rented it and then came back). Anyway I still miss it even though it's 2 miles away. We sold it. There is no history in this house yet, and I'm so sad that Mason will never remember the condo. It was such a great baby set up.
    I can't decide about the trim. Luckily this new place (a 1909 craftsman, if that is new) was updated before we moved. How long will you be there? Perhaps forever? Live with it for a year and then decide.
    Oh, and we have only one full bathroom in this "forever" house, so we'll just see how long that lasts before a potential add on!
    stairs won't be a big deal - she'll get it sometime before 18 months. babies don't WANT to hurt themselves. and routines are important - set them up asap in the new place.
    I will miss Eliza's tree.

  13. Yes, absolutely get at least one extra vacuum. My husband is a vacuum daily kinda guy, and I an not so much into the daily idea (not sure which one of us is weird in that regard...) but he has allergy issues, so I try to keep up! Any way.. We moved into a furnished home with 3 levels. I was not looking forward to the stair / vacuum routine. Then I realized each floor was furnished complete with it's own vacuum. Genius!! To your credit, getting one for each floor would never have occurred to me! You were totally utilizing your creative problem solving skills. Bless David's heart, tell him he's clinging to the past and lame traditions. And get two more vacs, unless he wants to handle that... Particularly when you can frequently need to be taking a baby up and down the stairs too. Totally a safety issue, right?