Sunday, March 3, 2013

Open House

We had our first one today.  We cleaned and tidied and hid stuff away in the garage ("stuff" in this case including two small dogs--set up with food, water, and comfy dog beds).  We polished the shiny bits of our house until it sparkled and then we packed up the baby and headed out to a late lunch and some window shopping (for furniture we'd like to have in our new house, naturally).

As we drove to the restaurant, I looked at David and said, "Are you nervous?"

He kind of laughed and then said, "I think maybe that IS how I'm feeling."

It did make me feel nervous, to leave our house at the mercy of nosy neighbors and potential buyers, who were likely to open our closet and look at my clothes.  I wore all my Eliza jewelry at once because I had this sudden fear that someone touring our house might be a klepto.

Our realtor said it went well--there was good traffic and two different buyers who appeared to be serious.  I'm not expecting any offers yet, as I think if you are serious about a place, you go back and view it at least once more before you make an offer.  But we are feeling hopeful.

I want it to sell obviously to make this whole process go as smoothly as possible, but also because SERIOUSLY keeping the house show-ready is exhausting.  We had three showings this week before the open house, so we basically have to keep the house ready-to-go all the time.

We are pretty tidy people (David even more so than me) so it's not like our house is a disaster normally, but with the snow and the salt and the dogs going in and out, our floors have to be steam-mopped before a showing in order to not be filthy dirty.  And it's not like my closet always looks "staged"--I shoved a bunch of scarves into a tote bag, which I then crammed in behind my hanging clothes today because the scarves sort of looked like they were taking over the entire closet space.  Our kitchen counters are not usually completely clear either--they're usually sporting a Boon lawn drying rack, among other odds and ends.  So it has been a challenge.

We have managed to keep baby stuff fairly under control--all of Zuzu's toys can be put away either in the toy bucket in her room (it's actually a big white party bucket--the kind you put ice and beer bottles in) or in one of the cabinets on our buffet-made-over-TV-stand.  We put the jumperoo away for then open house today, but I left it for the showings during the week because SERIOUSLY we have to LIVE here.

Zuzu's mess may be minimal, but I have gotten pretty frustrated with some of the things David puts away that I actually use on a daily basis.  It gets super annoying every time I have to text him and say "Where is the [strainer] [extension cord] [basket of bath toys] [sewing kit] [mail organizer]" especially because I KNOW the answer will be "the garage" and the LAST thing I want to do when I am looking for something is walk out in the snow to the garage and dig around for it.  I told him that this whole thing is hard enough without him making it even more inconvenient for us.  He said, "I don't find it inconvenient."  And I said "EXACTLY!  Because I'M THE ONE who uses the shit that YOU are putting away!"  So annoying.

To further complicate things, David had a super busy week last week and worked late three out of five days, plus had to drive back out for an event Saturday night.  And I've been dealing with the Eye Plague all week, which has made me extremely tired and incredibly irritable.  You can imagine how much fun we've been having around here!

So here's hoping things move along fairly quickly...  And just in case you know anyone who's in the market for a cute little 2-bed, 1-bath house in the city...

Front yard in the spring time
Backyard in the summertime
Living Room - the front room in the house
Living Room from another angle 
The Back "Bonus" Room/Library
Back "Bonus" Room - also serves as my office
Kitchen - small but efficient use of space.  My BFF talked me into using that paint color and I absolutely love it in there. 
View of the bar/dining room from the kitchen

View of the bar/kitchen from the dining room

the dining room, looking toward the front of the house
our bedroom
from the doorway

baby's room

from the doorway
Bathroom - the one and only, so good thing it's cute! How do you like those horizontally striped walls? I love them.  


  1. I just wrote the longest comment ever and then hit the back button. Annoying. We are in the car though driving back from Dallas so I can probably re create it. Lucky you.

    First, just love the stripes in the bathroom and I wish I did something like that at our house before we moved and are now renting and can't do anything fun.

    I hated having the house realtor ready all the time. So annoying. A few times Finn, Roscoe and I would go to my neighbors and peek out the window at the people looking at our house. It was weird watching others go in, hoping they didn't open Miles' sock drawer to see Cale's urn.

    If you don't sell are you in a good market to rent it out? Though that has its own headaches so I hope you get it sold.

    The only time we ever visited St Louis we stayed with some friends in Chesterfield. It was our first get away after losing Cale. You would have been about six months pregnant with Eliza. Kinda crazy. We managed to have a lovely time though and now that I know you, I'm definitely hoping to go back sometime.

    Ok last thing.... I love that your lawn looks like a perfectly manacured baseball field. How appropriate.

  2. Your house is so cute! I love it! What a great yard, too.

    I would be so annoyed if all my crap was in the garage, but that is definitely something I would do to Ben...

  3. The house looks great! I laughed at the manicured baseball field--impressive. I would love to have a different house eventually, but having our TINY 2 bed/1 bath house show ready all the time will be such a giant pain!
    I hope you have second-lookers soon.

  4. Your house is adorable - it'll sell fast, I'm sure although I know how painful the whole selling process it - I've done it twice and I've vowed never again.

    And I am one of those people who does buy on first sight - no second visit needed - we're out there!

  5. You have a pretty kick ass house. Especially the stripes in the bathroom.

    Speaking of your backyard, (I know, not an awesome segue way.) how are your chickens? After my husband started working 75 hours a week and the care of the chickens I did not EVER want but still feel they deserve a happy and healthy life fell to me, I gave them to his cousin. Who is delighted. She wants goats. And other animals to create a farm like atmosphere. And I feel great relief each and every morning I do not have to go feed, wash out/refill the water dish and collect eggs of the chickens that were a gift to my daughter who was terrified of them.

    Sorry I'm so long winded. I was really happy to get rid of them.

  6. It is BEAUTIFUL. I know it will go quickly. Selling a house and having it on the market is a HUGE pain. Once I had a stomach virus and we had a showing so I dragged myself out of bed, made the bed, then sat in my car across the street until they left. I almost was sick out the window of the car. A great moment. Those people did not buy the house. Jerks.

    You are right about having to live there. I don't think I've ever been turned off by normal living things like jumparoos when we were house shopping.

  7. Your house looks adorable and I am sure there's a couple out there looking to buy a perfect little home.

    I friggin' love the tree.

    And keeping your home tidy with the baby must be a nightmare- we had ours on the market when I was 3573897458327 weeks pregnant with Grace but the "stuff" was still containable (in our Ford Flex, because our garage was filled with raccoons who felt it was more than home than ours... they may have had a point). ha.

    I always felt like I needed to be up and ready to leave the house by 9 whether I had anywhere to go or not. Because I could get a visit notice at 9:25 and the people would be on the doorsteps at 9:30. I was terrified that I'd be in the shower and miss one and an agent would come down the stairs and see me nekkid-ass-nekkid.

    ha. I'm rambling. Hope the house sells quickly!