Monday, January 7, 2013

Six Months

Six months is a baby, but such a big one.

I marvel at how much she has changed in six months.  I can remember her scrunched up little newborn body, and her wrinkly, flaky skin, and her tiny little newborn grunts, and her little billy-goat cries like it was just yesterday.

And now she's all chub and chunk and cheek, and she shouts and laughs and when she gets mad it sounds like she's cursing at us in German (Eich!  Nein!), and her cry is a loud and assertive wail.  Most of the time she's a happy girl, and when she is happy, she is so. much. fun.  I love watching her with her toys, the way she really studies them, the way she has just mastered the art of placing her hands exactly where she wants them go, and she'll carefully hold things, paying special attention to details like stickers and tags, twisting and tugging them with her little fingers.

Over Christmas she really started playing around with the sounds she could make with her tongue and her mouth.  She also had a runny nose, and she discovered that she is quite talented at licking her own snot.  (I'm telling you, very advanced for her age!)  Bring these two interests together, and suddenly she was constantly making this "hillbilly face." You know, like a toothless old man hillbilly.  (Surely you don't have to be from the Ozarks to get this reference, right?)

It made us laugh, but it was also very unflattering.

Of course, when it came time to take her 6 month pictures, she only wanted to make that face.  And (as my brother pointed out in his comment on my previous post) the outtakes from this session are enough to demonstrate that we need a pro in order to adequately capture more than the ridiculousness.  Brandon was here "helping" me get her to pose for the camera, and this is what we ended up with  I was cracking up, but I was also like, "Dude, seriously, stop looking like that in every picture!  People are going to think that's just how your face is!"

One thing we'll never be able to say about Zuzu is that she doesn't have any personality...

Look, Mommy!  I can stick out my tongue!

And suck my lips into my toothless mouth!

And do both at the same time!

Aren't I hilarious?

I think I'm so funny

I crack myself up!

I'm a little hillbilly!

But this IS my smile!

Tee hee hee

So cute and so slobbery.  I love this girl.


  1. Oh, she is gorgeous. A gorgeous sometimes hillbilly.

  2. Love the hillbilly face! Hilarious.

    She's darling!

  3. Oh she's just too much. What a ham.

  4. I love her (and her hillbilly self!)!!!!

  5. OMG...I am at my desk at work cracking up at those pictures. The ones with the hat are too cute.

  6. She needs some little denim overalls to complete the look!

  7. I'm loving your hillbilly daughter. I freaking laughed my butt off about her licking her snot.

  8. She is soooo cute! Love all of the faces!