Monday, November 12, 2012

The Mommy

As I mentioned before, Zuzu had to get shots on Saturday, and they really put her out.  The crabbiness extended past Saturday and continued all day Sunday, which was kind of a bummer because spending a rainy Sunday trapped in the house with a crabby baby is a whole lot of fun for no one.

You know, I've always liked babies.  I liked babysitting, I love my friends' babies, I love my relatives' babies.  But the thing about a crabby baby is that once they start crying, I always felt some combination of somewhat offended, also concerned, mildly irritated, sympathetic, and relieved to be able to hand off the munchkin to a parent, always saying cheerfully, "Looks like someone wants her mommy!"

Now I'm the parent of a baby.  And my baby cries occasionally (shocking, but true).  And it never ceases to amaze me that I'm the mommy she wants when she's cranky or tired.

I should add that Daddy does a great job of getting baby love.  This girl is craaaazy about her daddy, and she is often very content to snuggle up with him. But I have the magic boobs, so in times of distress, it's still me.  Nobody is quite as comforting as The Mommy.

In all that fussing, somewhere in the primordial, pre-language parts of her brain, she's saying, "I want my mommy!"

And I'm the mommy.

And that's incredible.


  1. I'm stil not used to being "The Mommy" either!!

    And our last shots messed Dutch up for 3 days. Poor kids!

  2. E is almost 4 and I regularly still have moments where I think, I can't believe I'm The Mommy. I like to think about how my mom must have felt that way, too, and her mom and her mom and her mom...

  3. Yeahhhh.

    B has reached the age of object permanence and separation anxiety (aka: doesn't want to sleep without me near) and that's all kinds of fun.

    I sure wish the husband had the magic boobs between the hours of midnight and 6 a.m.

  4. My kids are 11, 9, and 3, and sometimes, (just sometimes with the older two), the mommy is all they want. I love it (and find myself reminding myself how much I love it during the times when it's mildly irritating.)